How my life improved with huel

I just want to outline my anecdotal case where Huel might have played a major role in improving my health.

4 years ago (!) I started having weird heart rhythm problems. It started off with a skipped beat per week, then it progressed into a daily problem, and finally I had days where my heart would just be crazy – like 100 skipped beats and pauses. Alcohol became a NO-NO for me! After drinking my heart would go fully nuts. Even more: my resting heart rate was at 40 bpm while awake!

Of course, I went to quite a few physicians to investigate this. But, my heart was structurally normal and the problems I had were just dismissed as me being nuts. The skipped beats were detected, but they were benign. The heart rate was also not taken serious as I was not falling unconscious. I was like “alright, guess I have to get used to this new heart”.

A year has passed and I researched a lot about the heart (believe me, heart rhythm problems do make one very concerned in life…). I slowly started to grasp how important nutrition is to keep the heart healthy.

Then it hit me!!

I looked back throughout the past 5 years of my life and was shocked of my blindness. My nutrition was disastrous. Sometimes I would eat 2 sandwiches for breakfast, one proper meal for lunch, and cereals for dinner. Nothing else! I am just a type of person that is not really affected by the feeling of hunger.

Me, being a science guy, went on to try to solve this scientifically: let’s find the easiest way to get all you need for your body. That’s when I found Huel – 8 months ago.

1-2 weeks after I started consuming Huel, my heart has stopped having “crazy days”.
3 weeks after: my resting heart rate became 54.
2 months after: alcohol was fine again.
today: heart rate is at 65 and I have almost no heart rhythm problems.

My diet since 8 months ago consists of ~50% Huel and I don’t think I will change it. A big burden in my life is gone and I feel much more alive again.

I know this is just correlation and I can’t prove the causation of this. But I was really in a terrible state 8 months ago and the only thing I changed was my diet.

Thank you for this awesome product!


Science wins again! Well done you! I hope your health continues to improve at this rate you will become superhuman by 2019


Really interesting to hear about your experiences and fascinating that improving your diet could have such a noticeable effect. Thanks for sharing.

You couldn’t be more welcome, thanks for being an awesome Hueler!

I’m fascinated by stories like this, really interesting!

Happy to have shared my positive experiences! :slight_smile:

I noticed some dates might be off in my story, but the crux of it is there. While the heart problems might have strained my sanity at times, in retrospective, I too find it interesting how the diet can have detrimental effects. My body has probably compensated the malnutrition with a slow-down in the metabolism. Anorexic people also tend to have a lot of heart rhythm problems.

What I do find disheartening are the 3 general physicians and the 2 cardiologists I have visited. None of them have taken my concerns serious. I assured them that my fitness level is not even close for my heart to do 40 bpm, but they just dismissed it as normal.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you feel docs aren’t taking you seriously. I tend to get emotional in docs offices due to past experiences, and I find many docs make me feel like I’m not being taken seriously.
I’ve found that most GPs know very little about nutrition and if the issue you have isn’t a major concern to them then it’s not worth investigating (tests are expensive so I can see why)
So though your heart rate was very low, they probably considered you at one end of a bell curve- some people of average health have a low heart rate without it being a problem.
So many things can be helped or cured with the right diet. But diet is hard to study statistically, and we all seem to have slightly different needs and reactions. So it’s a different world to medicine in some ways, hence why doctors may not always consider diet as a suggestion unless you’re over/underweight or having gi problems.


Earlier on this year I was experiencing ectopic heart beats which the doctors said to ignore. Mine would be regular especially during sleeping and then suddenly self terminate and then nothing for a few days. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get more information about what could be causing them and what to do about them. I still get them but not as often as before. However I’m about to start my Huel supplement as I need to gain weight having lost 13kg following an operation. I’m hoping Huel and eating normal meals will help me to gain weight. Wish me luck.

Good luck keep us posted