How to edit profile?

Hi all. Am I being a total moron? (probably)
I’m trying to edit the info on my profile, which I set up over a year ago. I’m no longer 30, 10 weeks away from my wedding etc… However I can’t work out how to edit it. I can edit my picture, but not the info?
All help welcomed. Sorry for being a donut!

yes you can change all of that in your preferences section

Do you think it’s because I’m on my phone? Preferences doesn’t give me the option. I’ll take some screenshots

you can still do it on your phone - click on your profile icon top right then when the window opens click on you user name top left and you will see preferences in that menu

Argh I really appreciate your help but I’m being too stupid to work it out. There is still no edit bit, not sure if all three screenshots came through but I can only edit the other bits. I’ll do it on the laptop later. Too much effort for this time in the morning :joy:

it will probably be easier on your laptop - as you will be easily able to edit your pic, profile etc - where you see the little pencil icon next to something - thats what you click to edit it.

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On my iPad it looks like this.

Click top right to get here, then click your forum name:

Then you want Preferences:

Then Profile and scroll to the bottom for DOB.

On my android phone I have to go into preferences then account then profile.

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Thank you all. I can get into my profile but just can’t see a pencil / edit feature on the bio, just on stats, email, photo etc. It’s fine, I’m obviously being a moron so I’ll do it on my laptop when I can! :green_heart:

Are you still having problems? Looks like you’ve changed your profile info, but let me know if you’d like anything else changed and I can just do it on my end as I’m an admin.

Hi Tim. Yes I sorted it, thank you! I needed to change the drop down from Account to Profile. Total brain fart. So this thread can be deleted / archived, whatever needs doing. Thanks for offering help though!