Mike Jeavons - YouTube week on Huel

I’ve just caught up with these videos and am amazed that he has such a following. I found him negative and patronising and his delivery irritated me intensely. He went into the week not wanting to like Huel so it was never going to be a success for him. He never gave it a chance.

Of course some will like it and others not but he didn’t give even a hint of a balanced opinion.

I’m a key worker so find the RTD really useful for those times when you just need something quickly. It might not be as satisfying as a cooked dinner but it certainly has it’s place and is better than the alternatives (crisps or chocolate). I don’t like the RTD as much as the powder but they serve a purpose.

His lies about the price are appalling, personal opinion about taste is one thing but blatantly lying is quite another. The sheeple who follow his every word won’t look past the price, they’ll just write it off as too expensive.

I won’t be subscribing to his drivel needless to say.

There are people to try Huel because it’s novel, futuristic or it’s entertaining content. There’s no point in catering to those people.

People who are looking for nutrition, health, vegan, easy, ethical food, and a good company will find Huel and approach the product differently. Finding and marketing to those people leads to long term customers who are onboard with some aspect of the ethos of Huel from the outset.