Message from Julian - we’re introducing some price updates - please read

Hey guys, many of you would have got an email today, or will shortly, announcing some price changes. Below is a message from Julian we want to share here too. If you have any questions, just drop them below and we will do our best to answer.

Dear Hueligans,

Huel’s founder, Julian, here. First, I want to thank you for using Huel. We would be nothing without our loyal Hueligans and we’re always going to use the best ingredients in the world to create the delicious, nutritionally complete meals that you know and love.

Unfortunately, the cost of all the good stuff that goes into Huel has increased significantly in the last year, which means your subscription is going to increase from December 8th (GMT).

Here is why:

  • We froze our prices at the start of the pandemic to support our Hueligans during a difficult time, but global events have made it more expensive to make, stock and ship your Huel
  • So that we can continue on our mission to make it easy to eat well while protecting the planet, the price of all our products is changing
  • From December 8th, any subscription you receive will have new prices

The below information is for the UK only. Different countries have different price changes and this is just to give you an idea. To ensure you all have the right information we have emailed everyone with a subscription about this with the same information here - as well as anyone who has purchased Huel 3 times or more.


If you need more information, this article explains everything you need to know about the changes.

Read more here:

Can I change my subscription?

Of course. Our subscriptions are still as flexible as they have always been. If you would like to make any adjustments to your subscription before the increases take place, simply log into your account here.

We ask that you make any changes before December 8th so that we can confirm them before the new prices come into effect.

If you’re happy to keep receiving your Huel as usual, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll automatically pay the new price on your next order.

I can’t thank you enough for being part of the Huel family. We’ve been on this journey for six years and I am confident the best is still to come. I hope you choose to stick with us so that you can continue to enjoy our convenient, plant-based, nutritionally complete meals. We can’t change the world without you.

Love ya,

Julian x


Wow that’s over a 12% increase in price which is pretty shockingly steep, I’ve got to say.


Understandable why you’ve had to do this, but at £1.70 a meal, Huel isn’t nessiarally a financially great option, you’re now competing with meal prepping on a cost point.


Looking further into the prices (of Ready to Drink bottles, as that is the only one I order),
What causes the steep increase in the price per bottle/box when going from 1 → 2 boxex?
With 1 Box, I only pay 1,80 more per box, but with 2 boxes I suddenly pay 4,25 more per box and then 3 boxes tones it down a little again to 4.03 more per box. (In essence you go from paying around 4% more when you order per 1 box, to about 10% more when ordering 2-3 boxes)

With the subscription discount, it is still cheaper to order more boxes, but the math just looks really weird to me, it looks like the subscription discount you get Decreases, when you order more boxes.

Though I would probably also need to know the price per box, without the 10% subscription Discount (so a one-off order).

Any transparency on which ingredient prices changed so significantly?

There is currently upwards food price pressure because of the pandemic, but this will subside in the short to medium term. Are we likely to see a price decrease once that happens?


This is a remarkable increase and unfortunately not sustainable with my budget. I’m fairly new to Huel subscriptions and have really enjoyed the meals so it’s quite sad that I’ll need to find a cheaper alternative.

Good luck going forward though.

Genuinely sorry to hear this, both. Please do note this is only the second time we have increased our prices in over six years as a company, whereas other companies prefer to adjust annually.

We also have a range of discount codes such as Refer-A-Friend amongst others to make it cheaper for you, but we still do believe that £1.51 (the new price for a v3.0 meal as a sub) is affordable given all the amazing benefits.

I can completely understand how cost-effective meal planning can be, but it’s worth noting the other incredible benefits that Huel has over meal prepping… the convenience, the nutrition, avoiding food waste, plus much more!

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When calculating bulk discounts for our products, we do this by reducing a monetary figure rather than percentage. The new prices per RTD box as a sub are as follows:

1 box - £36.50
2 boxes - £34.50 (£2 less)
3 boxes - £33.50 (£1 less)
4 boxes - £32.50 (£1 less)

And so on, reducing by £1 per box up to 8 boxes. Hope this helps clarify things.

I am also a little shocked to see how much the cost has risen. I have always set aside monthly budgets in my shopping to accommodate Huel but it looks like i’ll be cutting back with this. I expect price increases that’s the way of everything but with rising fuel, energy and cost of living this is just another hike that my unchanged wage bill can’t suffer :frowning:


Sadly we can’t go into specifics here. It’s not just ingredients though, but it’s also due to increased transportation costs globally (both transport of ingredients and transport to customers).

We don’t anticipate decreasing our prices. The decision to increase was of course a really tough one to make, and we have only increased prices twice in the past as a company.

That’s quite a significant price increase, means I’ll be paying 52GBP more for every time I order, which is the same as if I bought 2 extra bags. I’d expect it from luxury products and luxury foods, but oats and other very basic ingredients that are bought in bulk?

The price for 16 bags of professional looks wrong - it’s cheaper than regular powder Price change Dec 2021 – Huel


Is it that much of an increase?
Convenience of Huel, RTD is still cheaper than a Vegetable Deluxe McDonald’s…


I’m going to politely but strongly disagree with this - our ingredients are not basic and certainly not low quality. One of our core mottos is “be better than yesterday”, meaning that we are constantly striving for better ingredients, either from a nutritional perspective, in terms of general quality, or on some occasions for sustainability purposes. I can hand on heart say that the ingredients we use have constantly improved as we’ve grown and progressed as a company.

I’ve just checked and I can confirm that the prices for Huel Professional on the article are correct.

Hollywood Effect :rofl:

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A 13% increase isn’t sustainable for me either. It’s been fun but I’m cancelling my subscription for Hot and Savoury and will just stick to the odd Huel drink from the local supermarket.


The pandemic started in December 2019. Unless you know something we don’t. :eyes:

I’ve amended my post.

Either way, it isn’t a price increase we have to accept.

Well Julian, your message definitively didn’t make me happy. While I will probably still order Huel powder (as I prefer it to other brands), due to price increase I will most definitively stop ordering H&S and Bars, since these products will become too expensive for what you get.

Wow that’s quite some jump. However as someone who ships a lot of stuff I have also seen huge price increases In the cost of freight especially out of the UK (so shipping raw materials to UK will have soared.

The price of cardboard is crazy now.

Gas and electricity prices are increasing. Wages bills are increasing.

I’ve not checked the current prices but it could be that some of your direct competitors which were always more expensive may now be on more of a par with Huel.

A lot of consumers are gonna be feeling the pinch.