With the current inflation we’re seeing in the UK (and in the world, I believe), is there any plan to increase the prices of Huel as well from the board? How are you coping with increased prices for manufacturing and transporting the products you sell?

Good point actually. All those people who went banana’s over the last price rise don’t appear to be posting now being grateful for not increasing the price when everything around us has rocketed. Petrol was probably 50p a litre cheaper when the last price rise was introduced.

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Options are to pass increased costs on to consumers, or to accept lower margins. A financially successful company like Huel may feel they can avoid the former and accept the latter, not out of generosity but in the interests of retaining their customer base and market share.

Gratitude isn’t necessary. We vote with our wallets. I love Huel but there’s a limit as to what I’ll pay for it, as for everyone. So far, so good. :+1:


Complaining about prices going up or celebrating prices going down are pretty common. Thanking companies for keeping prices the same, not so much.

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We increased our prices last December and do not have plans for any more increases at the moment. This thread covers our reasons for doing so, but the main reason is increasing manufacturing and transport costs as you mention.


It’s commendable that taking the global situation that’s the stance. I hope you can keep it up for as long as possible.

Since, gas, petrol and prime ingredients have doubled in price

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