Brexit & Huel



I wonder how Brexit will affect Huel in regards to customs and such. I live in Sweden (EU). Does anyone know? I’m afraid the cost will go up by quite a lot if that happens.


We actually have a fulfilment facility in mainland Europe, so this should help. But it’s going to be difficult to predict anything until the end of negotiations, so no effect for the foreseeable future.


Thanks, Tim. I really do hope it will work out when the time comes. For now I just ordered for the first time. Went all in with 2 bags+bars+granola. Exctiting! :smile:


Whats the status for Sweden post hard Brexit. Are you prepared?


I will trade some spare bags for flat pack furniture and vegan meatballs.


I’m from Spain, should I stack up a ton of Huel before Brexit? xD