The Founder backed Brexit


Just read the founder of Huel backed brexit. Frankly I’m surprised, I wonder if he has dodgy tax concerns in offshore accounts? I can’t see any other reason why he would gleefully back leaving the EU.

Maybe he thinks it will force more people to back huel, or to buy in bulk… I suppose that may also be the case.

Given the shambolic mess that brexit has become (which surely no-one can now deny, even if they backed it before,) is it possible he has changed his tune? Or is he in secret talks with the Cabinet to supply ‘huel rations’ to the nation, post brexit?


ugh… really?



What do you want to do - “no platform” him in this online “safe space”?


@Hdoyle So wish I could give more than just one measly heart for this comment.


Can you post a link.

I think that would be a very foolish and shortsighted thing to do. I don’t believe he is that stupid.

Would be interested to see if he still backs Brexit cos given what we now know I dont believe that with the full facts as many people would. We were fed a lie…doesnt matter the aliens will be here soon. The rise of veganism has alerted them to the fact that there may be intelligent life on earth…despite what the Brexit/trumpers may make it seem.




Well that’s disappointing


I don’t really know what called for that passive-aggressive rhetoric.


Because everything is so polarised these days. People expect everyone around them, their musicians, their businesses, their friends, their writers to hold the exact same views as them, and if they don’t, it’s held up as some kind of moral shortcoming.

So even if Huel’s founder did support Brexit - what does that mean? Are you going to boycot Huel in protest? Are you going to never watch a Kevin Spacey film again because of his abusive side? If you have kids, are you going to never read them Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because Roald Dahl was a racist?


I can’t provide a link other than the image (that was already linked):

It was from the London Startups group on Facebook: I did a quick search, but I think the thread or comment might have been deleted.


… So what?

James Dyson backed out, my V8 still kicks every other vacuum’s ass.

Grow up and get back into your echo chamber.


doesn’t kick my v10 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve got a Hoover. It sucks. Which it should do.


How does it start?



Yes. He did. So what?
I’m not even from the UK so, my opinion matters less but for what it’s worth I was hoping for remain. But it was a vote, everyone is entitled to their opinions no matter how right or wrong I or anyone else might find it. Respect eachother and move along, nothing to see here as far as I’m concerned.

Also, I ride the bus. :sunglasses:


I never thought I’d see a post about politics on this forum…

Who the fuck cares? If you can’t handle the fact that not everyone sees the world the same way you do I’d never want to interact with you in any way.

I feel bad for anyone you interact with on a daily basis.


Can you explain how what was said was passive-aggressive? It seemed just to be a witty response to me.


Stuff politics let’s talk about Hoovers…


most sensible thing you’ve ever said


James Dyson is a hypocrite and a nob though. He goes on about industry and British jobs and stuff, then closes his UK factories and moves them to Malaysia. I would actually never buy another Dyson because of it.

As a staunch remainer, the news that the Huel founder supports Brexit slightly disappoints me, just because I think it’s so stupid. But it won’t make me stop buying Huel.

If he started preaching about jobs and the economy then quit the UK to avoid tax, manufacture somewhere cheaper or to avoid the consequences of Brexit - then he’d be like Dyson and that would make me reconsider buying Huel.