How will the Brexit affect European shipping and prices?

Hey Huel team,

I was wondering how you took the news of England leaving the EU.
It is already the case that you have to make a mark up on your product sold via the German website. Are there any plans in place about how you can deliver to mainland Europe at competitive prices?

I really dont mean to just ask hard questions but have an open discussion about how there might be a sustainable way to cater to people outside of the UK.

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cries about Brexit

Would be interested to know what percentage of Huel is sold outside UK?

Edit; this is not meant to be sarcastic or dismissive! I am genuinely curious.

Surely nobody knows at the moment. Hopefully/probably not too much of an impact.

Depends on the sort of trade deal that’s negotiated probably. Could be no difference or a massive one, can’t really say right now!


Currently it should be cheaper, due to the cheap pound :wink: But in the long run…

There is a Huel subsidiary in Germany. Maybe Huel can easily obtain its B2C relationships this way. But it has to import the powder from the UK and that maybe could be a problem when there are no free trade agreements.
But they stay in the EU for about two years, so Huel has enough time to think of something :wink:

Interesting. Is it a real subsidiary, or just a translation? On this page, there a german phone number, but still the UK postal address.

Its a real subsidiary, as far as i know. I my subscription was transferred to the new system and i made a new account. I have a contact person in Germany for questions and my next delivery will also be delivered from the Germany.

It’s not a subsidiary right now, just our German country manager Stefan (you can view him and all of us on this page translated the site, hosted it on a new website ( and he now handles the German orders. We’ve had a lot more orders from Germany, so it seemed prudent to get an actual German to run it properly!


Just read the About Us page. It made for a nice, interesting read. It’s also reassuring to know we’re in such good hands. I never knew Tim had a degree in Nutrition and Sport and Exercise Science. Looks like Julian picked a good bunch of people to carry Huel onwards and upwards.


If this were any other site I’d be tempted to think you’re saying that in a dismissive manner, but everyone on here is a lot more positive than the general public, so I’ll assume you are being genuinely inquisitive!

I too would love to know the total European export of Huel, even split by country.

I love Huel and work out of the South of France. As @Gulliver_Huel will tell you, it can sometimes be a touch difficult completing orders when it comes to dealing with different languages and attitudes*, even without a trade restriction looming! Having a German running the German side of things will no doubt work wonders.

*The concierge responsible for telling me the apartment postcode gave me a digit out of place and found it hilarious that my Huel was up in a ski resort on the border of Spain and I’d been harassing possibly the most helpful customer services agent I’ve ever spoken to!


hahaha, thanks for the benefit of the doubt. I am genuinely sad about Brexit, and genuinely curious about which countries Huel is sold in.

We’ve sold Huel to over 50 countries so far, from China to Brasil to Australia and more. Though we don’t advertise outside of Europe (and we don’t advertise outside of the UK much either) so it’s quite miraculous that we have sold as much to as many countries as we have done!

I have no idea if I’m allowed to say the split by country unfortunately. But the UK is by far and away our biggest buyer of Huel, which I’m sure wouldn’t surprise anyone seeing as we are based here, the site has been (until recently) only in English, and the UK is one of the largest (population wise) EU countries. Regarding notable shout outs to other countries for using a lot of Huel, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Sweden buy a lot of Huel (these are in no order, just from what I notice seeing the orders). Also, I find it interesting that despite the high shipping/custom fee’s, Switzerland and Norway also consume a lot of Huel.

Sorry this isn’t exactly what you wanted!