Why order from the Germany website?


I’m in Poland and wanting to order Huel. Germany is closer to Poland than the UK, so I’d guess that ordering from Germany will be faster / imply less transportation… assuming that there are actually is Huel stock in Germany.

So my question is: should I order from huel.com or from de.huel.com?


Unfortunately you need to buy from huel.com. I ordered a box on Thursday, today I have it at my desk, so it’s usually 3-4 business days to Poland.

I would really love if I could pay for Huel with €.

I don’t think you would save any money by paying in euro unless you have a really bad system for buying things in other currencies.

I’m in Germany but would much prefer to buy from the UK website, as the German one is sometimes missing new products.

…there’s a German version of Huel?

There’s a website specifically for the German Huel market … https://de.huel.com/

Those of us in Germany are not able to order from the main Huel website, but the food itself is identical to the one sold on the main Huel website, albeit there are less products currently available on the German one.

That’s just me, but despite living and working in Poland in earn Euros, so that would be just a minor convenience for me, personally.

Other than that UK store is stocked better.

Wondering if that has to do with German laws?

I doubt it, since most other companies don’t bother doing this.

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