Huel availability in Germany?


I’m going to be in Germany(Berlin) next week.

I had in my to buy some Huel boxes there in order to save the high shipping costs to my country(Israel). Is Huel (granola and powder) available to buy of the shelf in some of the supermarkets there?


I dont think it is, but as far as I know they have day to day delivery in Germany so maybe you can just order it to your german adress (I’d double check both with the Huel team first though)

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Huel isn’t available in the supermarket no, but you can absolutely place an order from Germany. When you’re out there you can just head to and you’ll be redirected to You’ll also be able to order to Berlin when you’re in Israel too as they come from the same fulfilment centre.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for the answer @Tim_Huel !

Question - is it really same day delivery?

There was no mention of same day delivery in Tim’s post.

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Huel offers only “DHL Standard” for orders in Germany. So 2-3 days

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Shipping to German address is 2-5 working days and is shipped via DHL. Next day is just in the UK with DPD.

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