Shipping costs outside of Europe

I’m using huel granola for couple of weeks now (100% on it if you don’t count the milk…) and it’s really great. I also think the prices are very fair (if not even on the cheaper end) for premium granola product.

However, for me at the least, the shipping cost is a killer as they almost always double the price…so from fairly priced product it’s becoming very expensive.


I am sorry that I’m linking to a competitor website , but it would be really great if Huel (that has much better product than myprotien) would also consider to use the same couriers:

As you can see:

  1. Shipping costs are much lower (almost 1/4 of Huel’s costs for me)
  2. You can send up to 10KG, making it easier to stack.
  3. You even get free shipment from specific price.

Yeah, it’s not fast as DHL and would probably arrive 4-5 days after, but it’s a tracked and I guess it’s good enough. (5-10 days).

Would really appreciated if this could be considered! thanks :slight_smile:

Economies of Scale.

The Hut Group had a turnover of £500m in 2016. Huel likely had a turnover 1% of this.

I’m sure shipping costs will reduce in time, but until Huel reaches the size and power we know it will, it’s probably going to be a case of waiting.

It’s definitely not ideal I know, some of the shipping prices are annoyingly high. Although we are expanding rapidly our international delivery is much smaller than our UK fulfilment so we have very little weight with couriers. We’re always looking to reduce shipping and please note that we of course make zero profit on shipping - i.e. it is only dictated by the courier.

Thanks for raising, there’s not a lot we can do right now but when we can we will :slight_smile:

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