Overseas postage?

It looks as though Huel can only be posted in the UK. Would you consider posting abroad (i.e. to Australia?


Yes moving to a new delivery company who can ship all round the world. But there are some restrictions due to import tax and import rules.

So we won’t be able to deliver everywhere. I haven’t looked in to Australia in detail yet so don’t know all the rules at the moment.



What about the U.S.?

Hi Michael, to import into the USA we first need to become registered with the FDA. This may take some time. So sorry I can’t give you a estimated time when will be able to ship to the USA.



If shipping to the USA is not in the near future, why does the website feature an “Alternative to Soylent” page?

If you really wanted to make a comparison, wouldn’t it make more sense to compare Huel to any of the many European alternatives that actually ship to the UK?

Also, why include that Soylent “Doesn’t provide 100% of UK and EU ‘Daily Recommended Amounts’”, since Soylent doesn’t ship to UK and EU? For that matter, does Huel provide at least 100% of the FDA daily recommended amounts?

Soylent has attracted a lot of pr and therefore there is some demand in the UK and Europe. We will also create a page which makes it easy to compare Huel to Joylent.

Have you considered Aussie Soylent?

Have you created the page comparing Huel to Joylent yet? It would be awesome to see pages comparing Huel with multiple soylent products available in Europe, but the promised Joylent page is a great start.

The page comparing Huel with Soylent contains some errors. The most egregious is the costs.

A weeks worth of Huel costs £45, based on 2,000 calories a day. A weeks worth of Soylent costs $54 (£36). So, £5.14 per 2000 calories, but you list £7.79.

Also, you say Soylent v1.5 contains soy. It contains soy lecithin, not soy. That’s a major difference.

@Ric Yes we have nearly completed it.

Yes the price info is out of date. I will update it today. Thank you for point it out.

The price of soylent is $64 for 2000 cals, which is £42.46 (£6.06) - which are comparing like for like, e.g. non-subscription.

Sounds like you’re getting bad advice; in Australia we are accustomed to being able to get whatever we want easily and cheaply from the UK. It is bizarre that we still can’t buy Huel, and baffling that you seem to have disregarded us in your planning despite the obvious strengths as a marketing target (shared language + like 50% of us have relatives in the UK so we are super connected via social media). I know Europe looks like an easily accessible and geographically well-connected market, and in many ways it is, but there are so many options for Europeans, and we are way easier to connect with and generate demand amongst; I think it balances out. A prominent example is that we are the third largest market for online clothing giant ASOS outside the UK.
If you are having issues importing food into Australia, have you considered just licensing out Huel to a local food manufacturer? It’s not like your product uses anything we can’t supply here. I really hope you solve this because Ambronite is too expensive and tastes bad, and all the others are full of maltodextrin.

We looked at the import rules for food and they are not clear. We are a small team and decided we don’t have the time to get an import licence or approval (if that is required). For similar reasons we no longer deliver to Turkey.

If you can us advise on importing food into oz we would be happy to send Huel to Oz. Again giving a licence to a local manufacturer is not a simple task, we have considered it but decided we don’t have the resource for that as the moment. Sorry.

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It would be worthwhile for your team to get in touch with Agriculture BICON team here → http://agriculture.gov.au/general-inquiries. They can give you more guidance on specifics, but they’re pretty relaxed on clean packaged imports that are less than 10kg.

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