Shipping Huel to the US?

After researching many powdered food products I feel from reviews and nutritional information that Huel is the best product available in the line up. I became very excited about the product and attempted to buy only to find that shipping to the US is not an option. If there is any way I could have Huel shipped to me that would be great!

Let me know my options if there are any.

There must be some way that international shipping can be arranged, but obviously at an extra cost? @Julian?

I would be happy to pay a little more to give this product a go. The fact that its completely vegan with no soy (cancer causing plant estrogen) and a sugar free option make this mix one of a kind. Products like Soylent are so full of filler and garbage i cant believe people think its healthy to eat. The first ingredient in Soylent is canola oil powder. Huels Choice to use pea protein instead of whey is fantastic!
Please let me know the cost of shipping to the US. Thanks.

The probles with shipping to the USA is cost but mostly it’s the FDA results and restrictions -

It’s not easy, might require some changes to the product so currently it’s not an option. We ship to all of Europe and many other worldwide countries.

Having said that we do have a plan on how to achieve this, my estimate is 2 months and there will be a USA solution.

That’s a pretty simplistic, if not arrogant, thing to say. Alternatives to Huel (Soylent, Joylent, 100%Food, Queal, Ambronite, Aussielent, Jake, Purelent, Bertrand, etc) are all much more healthy than what the users were consuming before.

Bottom line: Soylent is healthy to eat. Claim Huel is better because of different ingredients, if that’s your point.


I hope this includes setting up a factory in the US. Healthy competition XD

Interesting article about soy:

Article about maltodextrin (although not quite as in-depth as the soy one):

Hi there! First time posting…Just recently started on Huel and pretty much went to 100% right away, as I’ve been a very healthy for vegan for over a year now. I love this stuff! I’m in grad school and don’t have a ton of time to cook between writing and teaching. And I have a wedding dress to fit into soon!

Anyways, I go to school here in the UK but spend Christmas/Summers in the US. Any update on US availability? I just calculated how many bags of Huel I’d need to put in my carry on to last me the summer. I’d probably need to take an extra luggage instead, haha.

It’s almost 2017. Any updates on selling in the US?

We’re working on it. Just getting our systems in place; there’s been some small delays but as soon as we have an approx date, we’ll let you know.

I am anxiously awaiting as well. I think I have read about 20 posts/reviews on Huel so far, starting with my favorite brit site the Reg. Hopefully soon!

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I agree with this reply. I am patiently awaiting Huel availability in the US, but plan on trying a few products here, including the ones mentioned. Anything would be better than my current diet.

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