USA shipping 100% promised?

Hello everybody. I am big into products like soylent, joylent etc. I have done a ton of research on huel and was actually lucky enough to find a bag of vanilla on ebay. I live in the states so I jumped on the opportunity. Now having tried 5 huel meals I absolutely love it and want to completely get rid of soylent and joylent and only use Huel. Is USA shipping 100% promised? From what I can see its been talked about for over a year now. I would hate to never have access to huel again after my 1 bag runs out. Thanks much :slight_smile:

From what I gather, there are no plans to ship to the USA from the UK, but instead the company intends to manufacture the product in North America. US FDA regulations are different to those in UK, and this probably makes more sense if the demand is there, but setting up a facility is also time consuming guess.

The last I heard from Huel is that this will likely happen in Feb 2017…no doubt they will answer your queries more fully.

It 100% will happen. I would promise it would be this year, but every time we get closer something new pops up. It should be within the next few months, however.

If you haven’t signed up to the American updates list, you can here.

Perhaps for marketing reasons, the nutritional values will match those used in the USA, instead of those used in Europe.

They will be in line with US and Canada

Slightly off-topic, but: I wish Huel would target optimum nutrition rather than aiming for government mandated nutritional targets.

Out of interest, does that mean the US version will be more nutritious, or less?

It will have higher levels of some micronutrients.

Interesting, are you ready for the debate on the forums on whether European Huel needs the same levels? :wink:

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I’m expecting it, but I wouldn’t say I’m ready for it! :confounded:


Haha o dear. Tin hats at the ready.

Out of curiosity, what is your opinion on this? My opinion is some micronutrients (especially vitamin D, potassium and possibly magnesium) could do with having higher RDAs, but you’re definitely more knowledgable than me on this topic, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Hi @IcyElemental; I agree that there is valid information suggesting that intakes higher than RDAs are warrented for some micronutrients. Huel already contains higher levels for some of them including vits D and C and potassium, magnesium and iron.


@JamesCollier I often write comments suggesting that you guys should bump up the levels of some micronutrients, but always delete them before posting, because I quickly realise that there is no way you can please everyone. And at least if you err on the lower side we can always put more of them in, but the people who don’t want them can never remove them.

So I’d like to just say thanks for factoring this stuff in and trying to make the most nutritious product you can, whilst still keeping as many people happy as possible :slight_smile:


@ryanhellyer - thanks for your comments :slight_smile: