New Purchase v1.0-AM

Just purchased the product for the 1st time. No T-shirt which is no big deal but why did I receive V1.0-AM. There looks to be several enhanced versions of the product now available. I noticed 2.2 gluten free vanilla is available. Is this because I’m in the US? Please advise. Thank youimage.

US v1.0AM is the current US version manufactured in Canada

UK v2.2 is the current UK version manufactured in UK

There will probably be a slight difference due to US food regs.

I figgered as much. FWIW it’s worth, today was Day 1 for me and I love the
taste and the consistency of the product. I’ve been using Sun Warrior.
Looking forward to the next month to see how it rolls for me.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly too.

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No worries, I’m just a forum user not staff…one thing though, when you place first order on USA site there is a tick box saying is this your first order, did you tick it? That could be the prob. if you didn’t.

I expect if you mail the team on US Huel site they will sort out a t-shirt for you…the UK guys are great at consumer service and making people happy is their goal.

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Wait, so it’s made in Canada but doesn’t ship to Canada? I’m emigrating there in the next couple of years so have joined the mailing list for Canada shipping.
Just gotta hope Canada approves it soon!

I believe it does ship to Canada from the USA portal.

@Hunzas has nailed it. The products have slight tweaks between US and UK versions due to different requirements to make Huel ‘Nutritionally Complete’. The key ingredients are the same but US Huel is based on v2.1 of UK Huel.

That’s correct. The regulations are, like, super strict in Canada. So maybe stock up, or do rogue border runs. Statistically, I’m probably right to assume you will live within 100 miles of the border.

Thank you so much! Great to hear you’re loving Huel!