Noooooooooooo - v1.2 of UU has run out

Just been to order another top up of v1.2 Huel and it’s marked as “Sold Out”. :frowning:

Been on Huel for over a year now and was very happy with v1.2. When 2.1 came in I tried to struggle on with it but the concrete like consistency and lack of taste really put me off. So I reverted to an 80/20 1.2 to 2.1 recipe and it made for the perfect thickness and taste. It means I get through 1.2 far faster than 2.1 and it took a little longer to organise but it was worth it. :heart_eyes:

If all I have left is 2.1 that might be the parting of myself and Huel. A sad day for me. :sob: I am reassured that everyone else doesn’t finds the sweetened Huel vial and the unflavoured Huel like concrete - so I must be the oddball I guess

@TimOfficeHuel is there any hope of a decent unflavoured formula making a return. Same idea just maybe a tenth of the bloody thickener? I have exactly 2 bags of 1.2 left then I’m gone and not because I don’t want the product just because I’m in some strange minority with a normal swallow action and taste


Really sorry again that you still aren’t a fan of the Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel. Since releasing v2.1 we have reduced the inclusion of the gum blend in the U/U so that it is approximately 10% less than Vanilla. We don’t have any plans to change the thickness of Huel UU so it matches the old v1.2 - sorry. As we’ve said before, we are simply matching the thickness with the Vanilla which we have sold much of with minimal complaints about thickness.

You’re not alone. I have two-three months worth of bags left, I think, and should run out juuust in time for the best-before dates. Near a thousand pounds of purchase in a very short period of time just to savor the 18-month experience of Huel. My frustration over the viscosity alterations remain, and the reasons are numerous. Boo.

I might attempt a bag of the 2.1 just to see whether or not it’s palatable, or whether or not my early batches were just real thick. Doubling the 1.2 viscosity seemed a bit much to me.

As for alternatives, Nutberg sort of works. Tastes like algae and is like drinking sand, but… n–yeah sort of, once you get used to the… hrm… taste. Nano was basically like liquid vanilla ice cream. Pulve was… ok-ish, but still adhered to the ever present artificial vanilla. Joylent was too heavy on the flavor imo. Ambronite was nice, but has an unreal price point, and also tastes… a lot.

I’ll probably try out Stonershake and Bertrand at some point. Maybe I’ll find a type of soylent I can adjust with some extra protein, since a lot of them seem to stick to the extreme end of carb ratios.

Check out eatcomplete and nutrionallycompletereview for further alternatives. There’s quite a bit of them available.

Good luck.

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A couple of weeks ago, I received an email telling me that StonerShake will be changing their formula (and their name, for obvious reasons) in May to make it smoother and finer (it was already pretty thin to start with, but with a grainy texture). More details here -

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I’ve heard good things about Bertrand but it’s not cheap. With 2.1 I’ve found that if you top off the 500ml mix to about 750ml just before drinking it then the thickness is about right (though totally tasteless - I love the mild oaty flavour of 1.2). Also, if you don’t leave the Huel to stand but mix and consume straight away it’s not too bad. A bit “sandy” but not too thick. Obviously I don’t know this but I think they aimed the Gum levels at those mixing and drinking immediately. After a couple of hours in the fridge you can stand a spoon up in 2.1. I have the new 10% less formulae and it’s a tiny improvement.

I also find that the amount of gum varies between batches. The batch before my current one (which was only two bags thank god) was so thick that when I accidentally left it in the fridge for two days it flopped out of the shaker in one large jellied lump - amazing

I think Huel get away with it because 90% of it’s users are mixing it up with other things and used to suffering for their nutrition. I just want a convenient way of replacing my food and counting my calories…