V2.3 is the best yet

Took delivery this morning of the new and improved Huel vanilla (v2.3). Been using Huel since v1.2 back in 2015 and I have to applaud everyone at the company, this is the best one yet! Blends easier, tastes fantastic and the nutritional profile is excellent. Thank you.


Thank you so, so much Dan. That means a lot coming from a long term Hueler like yourself, truly it does. Really pleased you’re loving it.


Always happy to give feedback on great products. Just had my first ever bowl of Huel granola, you guys have smashed it again. Tasted amazing with almond milk!


How much better is the mixability? Is it like other products, such as Joylent or Jake? Or is it just more mixable than the old Huel?

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Same question. .the lumps of 2.2 are a problem for me…

I switched from Huel to a competing product a while ago. Huel kindly sent me a reformulated version to try, but it was still thick and goopy. I’m hoping this newer version fixes it.

Ryan, I’m curious what you switched to?

Been waiting/hoping for a low-carb version of Huel, but I’m also curious if your stuff is lower carb?

Not lower carb particularly, but higher sugar which is a downside for sure. I’ll PM the name.

Agreed, it’s very nice indeed :+1:

Another long term user - started with 1.1. Also agree this is the best one yet. Natural Vanilla flavour is a lot nicer. I’ve gone from 1 meal/day back up to two :slight_smile:

Never really had a problem with lumps with any of the formulas, this seems no more or less lumpy than before to me, I just shake it in the bottle, no need to blend.


I haven’t used other brands like Soylent so I can’t comment in that regard. Comparing the consistency of 2.3 with a bag of 2.2 that I have open however and the newer blend does appear to be more finely powdered. I think a fair assumption would be that 2.3 mixes with less lumps (but I use a high-powered food processor, so again, I can’t really give an accurate opinion).

You guys suffering from lumpy Huel why don’t you just blend it?

I use a Kenwood ‘smoothie2go’ machine, cost about £20 second hand, comes with 2 jugs and is super quick to use and more importantly very easy to clean.

I am also enjoying the new flavour, I always blend 100g with a banana for lunch and it’s delicious…