Huel 2.3 - Tastes Amazing! How!?

I’ve been having Huel (mostly) once a day at dinner times for a few months now, and it’s improved my overall health and diet fantastically. I was a big fan of 2.2, I found the taste tolerable at least.

However, I just wanted to say I was so surprised with the new 2.3 vanilla flavour! Wow! Blew me away - it tastes so good! I’m a tad worried though since it’s so much sweeter - how on Earth was that done whilst keeping it nutritionally the same (or thereabouts)?

Thanks so much for such a great product which has had a fantastic affect on my life and livelihood!


I am also curious as to how 2.3 new vanilla tastes the way it does, given it contains less sucralose then the 2.3 original flavour. what ingredients are being used to flavour it?

personally i prefer the taste of Original over New Vanilla, but I’m happy drinking both and am currently thinking to opt to use New Vanilla exclusively purely on the basis that it contains less Sucralose .

However I do find the taste of New Vanilla, whilst perfectly palattable, to be suspiciously synthetic tasting (particularly in comparison to Original) and would love to know what causes this

Nope, reeeeally dislike 2.3 vanilla.


I tried v2.3 New Vanilla yesterday. It was okay, but didn’t set my tastebuds alight.

Had Unflavoured too in the evening, and was farting all night, so that side of Huel hasn’t changed :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a mix of natural and artificial flavours that gives a more authentic vanilla flavour compared to the Original which is more oaty, creamy and mild.