New 2.1 flavour is poor

Been using huel for nearly a year. Been very happy with the product. Just ordered another £150 worth as I had got through the other batch.

Must say very disappointed with 2.1. Tastes like it is rotten and out of date. Very annoyed as the previous huel was perfect taste wise.

Don’t know if I’m going to be able to battle through for the next 2 months…

Can you describe it a bit more? I’ve a similarish situation but would like to know more detail before I commit to commenting :blush:

I can’t describe it anymore really. It just doesn’t taste right. Literally like it has rotten out of date vegetables in it. Got a horrible tang To it

vanilla or normal?

Vanilla. I’ve never had unflavoured.

It’s had it for my lunch today and it was slightly better. So maybe a little bit of acclimatisation may help

I’m still on 2.0 but had a bag with an underlying taste, nothing like what you’ve described. I added cinnamon which took it away. Next bag was ok again.

I’ve got this issue too - I just opened my second bag of 2.1 and it is pretty foul. You’re right on the money with your description of “stale vegetable”. The first one was fine! Hopefully this is just a teething issue with the new version. The smell when I put the shaker to my mouth makes me want to gag!

Edit - It’s so awful that I can’t manage it. It really tastes stale. Is there an option to return it? I can’t believe it should taste like this. I’ve been taking Huel since the start and have always quite liked the taste of all the versions.

That’s strange, my 2.1 tastes absolutely fine.

I’m really sorry that you guys aren’t getting along well with the taste. We are looking into this. There is no point having such a nutritious product if people don’t like eating it. This is a priority for us and will let you know if we find anything.

I’m exactly the same, I just don’t taste any differences between versions and batches. It all tastes the same and all tastes great to me!

Sorry you want to return your Huel. If you have unopened pouches of Huel you of course can return them. Head here and follow the instructions - Returns Policy – Huel

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Yeah mine tastes good too.

Just had my first 2.1 Huel. Made last night with one spoon of coffee added, blended in Nutribullet, stored in fridge overnight. Glad to say tastes exactly the same as 2.0 & 1.2

Thanks for the reply Tim, much appreciated. One bag I had was fine and tasted very similar to V2, the other bag was foul. I don’t know what’s happened to cause that, but I’ll be ordering some more fairly soon and will cross my fingers that it was a one-off!

Most other people seem to have no problems, so hopefully all will be well!

Hi Tim

I can certainly notice a different in the taste but it is fine now. It’s not quite as nice as before but it’s still good!

I’m thinking maybe my bottle was not completely clean (smell wise) and this may have influenced it? I’ve since hand washed them and put them through the dishwasher a second time and this seems to have coincided with the improvement.

So most likely my fault rather than yours!

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I think it’s the exact same thing we’re tasting, Punner. It tastes like something I’ve only encountered in smells before, and it was not food related.

I was hopeful I just needed to clean my shaker as well, but even when mixed in a glass the taste is there. It tastes fine going down, right until you take your first breath through your nose.

Personally I couldn’t tell the difference between 1.2, 2.0 and 2.1, or if there was a difference it was so minimal my brain adjusted.

Haven’t noticed any difference myself…

I had a similar problem last year - I was using a bottle for the Huel, and it was somehow contaminating the taste of it. I think making sure that the shaker and bottle you’re using are 100% clean is key, since Huel seems to absorb even the slightest taste from other things. It’s uncanny!

I also taste a difference, but the biggest problem for me is that I always feel so very well and healthy on Huel in the past, but suddenly I feel less so with this new batch?? I have an uncomfortable kind of ‘hungry’ feeling when my tummy is full and I’m not hungry. Is it just me?

I just found it’s not as strong which I prefer. So I prefer the 2.1…