V2.0 Huel taste

Been using the standard Vanilla Huel - mainly for lunch - for the last 9 months or so and have been very pleased with it. However, ordered a batch (8 bags) on 22 July and found that they taste very strange. The Huel smells & tastes odd and leaves a very unpleasant after taste. They were batch number 2411. Opened 2 different bags and same taste. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? the taste was bad enough not to be able to drink it (& believe me I am not fussy with food etc). I have sent back to Huel so they can test it. cheers

Same here, v2.0 definitely tastes different to the older version, finding it hard to get through the first bag

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I haven’t been following this forum and was not aware that the recipe had been ‘improved’ until I tried my usual Huel for lunch after it had arrived yesterday. I mix my Huel with the mocha flavour system, but I tasted the difference in the recipe immediately; particularly a saltiness that I found somewhat unpleasant in a drink.I then compared my new bag to the old when I noticed that I had just been delivered v2.0. I also noticed a slight reduction in the amount of calories and carbohydrates per 100g, which isn’t a huge deal although I actually would rather have seen these figures increase if anything.

All in all, I am somewhat disappointed in v2.0 . I’ll finish off my supply, but I’m looking forward to the next version.

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I just received my shipment of 2.0 and I can hardly taste the difference. I always mix Vanilla and UU 50/50. I don’t blend it, just shake for 10 seconds, so that might make a difference.

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The amount of the key ingredients has changed, and yes the addition of sea salt may affect the taste. I honestly cannot taste the difference, but sorry you are struggling with it. We always take into account your opinions so will be looking to adjust this.

For the unflavoured Huel, v2.0 has lost some of it’s taste. I compared it side by side with previous version (I still have one bag). Same volume, same weight, water etc. After 8 hours in the fridge the new formula has less of an oaty milky taste, hard to quantify but it’s lost about 25% of it’s natural flavour. Didn’t detect the salt difference at all. The main difference is the quality of the more solid ingredients.

In the old formula after 8 hours in the fridge the “grit” in Huel had softened and made a nice chewy bit you could enjoy in the mix. In v2.0 it never quite softens in the same way, there is always a gritty component, if you don’t continually shake as you drink the last bit can be quite hard to down. Catches in my throat quite often

So overall, loss of some taste, addition of texture (unpleasant). I’m working on the basis that Huel is a WIP and so, once nutritionally sorted they’ll spend a little more time on the flavour and texture - probably very hard thing to juggle

p.s. blending, even extreme blending, doesn’t get rid of the grit

Same here, I’ve got 2.1 and find the new taste, especially after 2-3 seconds, not very pleasant compared to the old one. It’s not so bad that I cannot drink it, but it’s definitely much less enjoyable

This is what I found with UU v2. After getting the water / powder quantities right, it was okay (until the lumps at the bottom, shaken not blended), but it wasn’t something I found myself wanting to return to, unlike UU v1.2.

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OK - weird, I bought myself a shed load of 1.2 because I was less than impressed with 2.1 and now I’m not so sure. The taste of 1.2 is more oaty and lighter but with absolutely no thickener it’s not as filling or as pleasant to drink (though I add an extra 250ml of water to the 2.1 mix). I think there is a perfect half way house to be found. Some thickener but less like wallpaper paste. In the meantime I have about three months of 1.2 to consume :wink:

Is it supposed to be, though? Right now a 2000 calorie consumption puts you at 3 liters or more of liquid a day, with an added artificial satiety. Leaving not a lot of water to drink on the side.

I realise that this is some sort of common middle ground and an approximation of an average, but I always thought I was buying calories, not a hamstrung induction to a specific TDEE, or less. Right now it’s Huel; everything you need, no more, no less. Except it feels like more, because they’re faking it. And it can’t be less, because then you’d have to carve it with a spoon.

1.2 with just 10-15% of 2.0 makes the mouthfeel smoother. Past 50% it starts turning into wallpaper paste, as you’ve so accurately put it. A half-way point can certainly be produced. Won’t be, but could…

just fyi, starting doing my own 2.1/1.2 mix and I find that about 75% 1.2 and 25% 2.1 gets around the right thickness, but the taste is still diminished by the addition of 2.1

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