Vanilla seems to taste different

Hello! I have been hueling since around April 2016 and I just received my latest subscription delivery of 4 bags of vanilla on 20th December but it just does not taste the same!
I have loved vanilla from the beginning but this month it’s like the sweetener is too strong or something and it has gone from a vanillay treat to a horrible chore to drink. I’m still only on the first bag of the delivery so I’m hoping this won’t be the case for all of them but I have to say it’s nowhere near as pleasant to drink as before. If this was an intentional change, please change it back! Thanks!

P.S. in case anyone has noticed the same thing, I was referring to batch 2642 of Huel Vanilla v2.1

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When was the last time you ordered? I’d be better able to check what you might have received, as the version has changed a few times in recent months

The order was automatically put out from my partner’s subscription on 18th December and we received the 4 bags of the above.

Apologies, I wasn’t very clear! I mean when was the last time you ordered previously to the order you just received.

My suspicion would be a version change has meant your Huel is tasting different, so I just wanted to see if that could be the case.

November 20th was the order before that. I hope it’s not a version change because the previous taste and texture and everything was better.

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Yes, totally agree. I was thinking the same. Just received my new order I thought it was sweeter too, before it was better!

I noticed the same, my order from 7-12 tasted different than the one from 27-10. Not as keen on the new flavour.

The batch you’ve mentioned had no anomalies attached to it in terms as paperwork went that I can see, so I would believe that it’s a change in version that has caused the flavour change you’re talking about.

We try to keep the version taste changes as similar as possible between changes, but as with any shift in ingredients, there will be variances. I’m sorry if this isn’t quite what it was like before.

I’m wondering if the difference isn’t the same difference noticed in huel v2.1 and mentioned on another thread in the forum. ( I will look for this to attach it). During a period where the usual rice protein was unavailable, a different supply was used which accounted for the large difference in taste.

I think maybe subscription users should be entitled to a sample packet of new versions that are about to come out as whilst the change is small, for a lot of us, this means a change to the taste every meal we consume each day.

In terms of customer satisfaction, are these version changes based on customer feedback or on an idea of “what’s best” for Huel?

Also, this version leaves a rather unpleasant heavy sediment in the bottom of the shaker no matter how much you shake it before and in between sips.

I experienced something similar.

I ordered a sample of the vanilla Huel and it was way too sweet (undrinkable really). I went ahead and ordered a full bag of the vanilla version anyway and found that the sweetness was much less. Maybe just a bad batch?