Batch differences

just opened my latest batch of Huel and it tastes different, looks different and doesn’t mix as well, I guess it’s not always going to be the same for every batch but this is a noticeable difference. I even tracked my previous orders to make sure I’d ordered the same flavour, is this a common thing, has anyone else noticed a difference?

Hey there thanks for raising this. Really sorry to hear this has been a problem for you. You’re right in that with seasonal varience there can be slight differences in the taste of the raw ingredients, however it should barely be noticeable. Could you please let us know the batch number? It’s a 4 digit number on the reverse side of the pouch. I might need you to send it back to us, so please don’t throw it away - I will double check what the quality team need.

Batch 5929, Vanilla (New and improved), but appears to be lacking the Vanilla imo

any update? should I be sending anything back, has anyone found the batch and checked it?

Hi there,

Tim is currently away on annual leave (what a slacker!), so for the quickest resolution I would advise you to drop an email to who will be able to look into this for you. Apologies for any inconvenience.