Issue with current batch (6051)?

Just got my delivery of ‘New and Improved’ Vanilla from batch number 6051

Compared to the last bag (of the same) I’ve just finished, this one tastes awful, a real bad after-taste / smell - colour looks much browner too.

Anyone else having the same? Without resorting to adding additional flavours, not sure I can eat it :frowning:

Hey there, thanks for raising this. I’ll drop you a DM.

I sort of thought that with my most recent bag. I’m not sure on the batch number however. I’ll check when i’m home.

Yep. I’ve been using Huel continuously since Feb 2016 and for the first time I’ve had a bag of Huel that seems to be off. I have a couple of bags in my drawer at work and the new bag I opened ( batch 6163 ) tastes a bit musty and unpleasant. I’ve tried using a different shaker in case that was the cause.

I have Huel at home and that tastes fine. I hope the rest of the order tastes okay.

Same Problem, I have the Bars too and they are awful. Im still waiting for a reply :frowning:

What do you feel in the bars? Is this histeria?

I’m having the same problem and i’ve sent 2 bags back to huel - the replacements have the same problem. Plastic-y, musty bitter taste.

I’ve actually put the brakes on my subscription. Really disappointed as i was getting on very well with this after my first 2 deliveries.

hows that helpful

So it seems that there is a big issue with Huel at the moment, with odd after taste.

There are too many people on here with similar experiences to make it a one-off

Whats worrying, looking at this thread and others, is it seems to be not be just one batch but be many batches, and many batch numbers apart (mine 6051 - and in to the 6100’s)

Its great that Huel are replacing packs, but not great for ‘next month’s’ order not knowing if you will get a dodgy batch again.

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That is my main fear… I have to buy again in 1-2 months. I want an official explanation of what happened to continue buying safely