Odd taste?

My 3rd batch (6219) of Original vanilla arrived on Saturday and it has an odd plastic-ey bitter aftertaste - I’m assuming perhaps the Huel has become hot in transit and taken on some flavour from it’s packaging - has anyone experienced this?

Banana flavour enhancer is masking it somewhat. I’ve had 4 meals out of it and not died so i’m assuming it’s just a flavour thing!

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I’ve seen a few people saying this, the bags I got recently are fine, maybe its a batch error or something, hope someone who works for Huel gets back to you about it

Thanks Natalie - yes i’ve contacted them and waiting on a response. They’re normally pretty good at resolving these issues pretty quickly.

That’s good :slight_smile: fingers crossed

I have noticed something similar with my batch of new vanilla! Its only my second lot, so I was so worried I was imagining it!


My last order (batch 6243) has also a bitter after taste which reminded me of plastic. I already got a replacement (batch 6533), but sadly it didn’t change anything. Hopefully the next order is as good, as it ever was…

Greetings from Germany, S.

They sent me a replacement unfortunately it’s the same batch (6219) with the same problem (bitter, plasitc-like taste) i think basically they’ve loaded it up with way too much sweetener.

I’ve changed my subscription options now to get the unflavored/unsweetened version and i’ll sweeten it myself - must say i’m a bit disappointed.

I just commented on a different thread that I’ve had a taste problem with a bag of Vanilla Huel. It’s my first problem in over 2 years of drinking Huel. I wonder if it could be the heat?

This is worrying. I’m due an 8 bag order pretty soon. @Tim_Huel any idea what’s going on?


I’ve also had the same problem! And it was only after I purchased a new round of Huel so I’m thinking it’s an issue with that pack. My two bags of unsweetened Huel arrived on Thursday evening, so I took one home and kept one at work. On Friday morning I made one with banana flavour as usual and then the after taste was like soap - I thought I just hadn’t washed out my shaker properly. So I made another Huel at work with the other bag and it tasted fine. And just now I’ve made another one at home and still getting this same taste. Tried a bit of the powder on its own and also the taste is there so it must be in the powder! Really disappointed. The home one is Batch 6285, will check and see if my work one is the same and update

Awww, man. It’s great to have some validation.
I bought a 2 bag order and both bags had this problem. It tastes like plastic and reminded me of the taste of plasticine from perhaps eating it as a kid or something. Utterly foul and I can’t drink it without feeling like I’m going to vomit. A truly awful taste.
I told them, and they sent a replacement two bags. Both bags had the exact same problem.
I’m not sure if they think it’s just me and my taste buds… And I know it’s not for two reasons:
1: There’s literally no food that I don’t like and I’ve eaten a lot of different foods, having had a mother who loved to experiment in the kitchen.
2: My ex-girlfriend still has a bag of my Huel for when I’m over at hers and that bag tastes fine.

The Batches I had were 6222 and 6282 and both of them are very wrong.
I’ve cancelled my subscription until they sort things out.

It’s sad because I love Huel. I’ve been having it every day for like 5 months. It’s pretty much changed my life. I do so much walking and felt so much healthier… I even had Huel as one of the “six things I couldn’t live without on my online dating profile”… But, sadly, right now… I do have to live without Huel… Because it’s revolting and not fit for human consumption.

Please sort things out HUEL!


I’ve seen this mentioned often lately, what is the cause? Is each batch not tested?

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Evening - I’ve on my second order or Huel Vanilla v2.3 batch 6273. I bought 3 bags of it, when I opened the first bag it smelled really yeasty and tasted fermented and it’s been making me feel sick. Also I can see grains of it hopping off the scoop as if there was a lot of static. It’s quite concerning. Is there anything Huel can do for me? I haven’t opened the other bags but they are the same batch. Thank you :pray:

We want an official answer of this issue

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I’ve put the brakes on my subscription currently. There is clearly some kind of quality control issue going on here that doesn’t fill me with confidence in a product that formed a major part of my diet! I sent 2 bags back to Tim to get checked out in their lab but 2 replacements have a similar problem though slightly less bad. No news on what’s actually wrong with it.

I have to say I am also going to skip my next shipment, I can’t afford to waste money on food that is not palatable. Hopefully we will get the all clear soon :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who just glugs Huel without even paying attention to taste? Hahaha


This is all a little alarming…

@Tim_Huel @JamesCollier
Have you guys got any update on the situation?

Hi guys

Sorry some of you have experienced an issue - I have raised it with the QC and CS teams.

We’ll revert.


I do the same…
By the time the flavour kicks in … it’s gone down my throat