Odd taste?


Hey all, thanks for the feedback about this. Really useful for us. There are a few things to consider:

  • All batches of Huel are taken through rigorous organoleptic testing prior to being released. Bad batches are not released but we do allow for small variation [see below]
  • Huel is made of very natural ingredients and thus there are natural variations in the ingredients. All manufacturers supply similar reports about ingredients so we know what we’re dealing with prior to blending

We have had confirmation from our packaging supplier that unless heated to oven temperature the packaging cannot be at fault. So we are still investigating.

There is currently no consistency with complaints even in the same batch of Huel, so the investigation continues. If you are experiencing these problems we urge you to do the following:

  • Contact our customer service team
    UK - team@huel.com
    EU - info@huel.com
    Germany - kontakt@huel.com

  • Photograph the reverse side of the pouch to catch the batch code and time stamp

  • Tell us what type of Huel you have (Original, New and Improved, GF, non-GF?)

  • Send your pouch back to us after acknowledgement from the CS team to

FAO Tim Urch, Unit 5, Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury HP19 8HL

  • Include a note in the package that explains who you are and where you have communicated with us. Don’t just send back a box of Huel pouch(es) as we will not know what/who it is in reference to.

We will replace your pouches with different batched Huel and can cover cost of postage too, just include a photo of your proof of postage.

Massively sorry for any issues you have been experiencing folks, this isn’t normal and we’re taking it extremely seriously.


Thanks for the response


Appreciate that, Tim – and I am sure you are as concerned as “we” are. I haven’t yet been affected (subscribed delivery soon) but it seems to me that a high proportion of REGULAR customers are complaining – so something’s awry (it’s not the initial “don’t like what you’ve done with Vanilla” brigade)

Hope it’s an easily fixable problem. And no, I don’t want to resort to the approach of several respondents (just glug it down) – actually I want to have some small enjoyment in life and I actually LIKE Huel! Does that make me weird? probably


I just tried some of the new batch they sent me, and the flavour is still there…really concerned now. I don’t want to stop with the Huel :frowning:


What batch number do you have? Also what‘s the batch you have at work, which you’ve reported as okay? I’m a little bit afraid now, since my replacement arrived today and is waiting for me at home… :frowning:


Ok so it turns out the one I had made at work that tasted fine had been made with the last bits of my older Huel bag. So the new Huel bag at my work hadn’t actually been opened, and it was the same batch number as the bad-tasting one…so I haven’t even bothered trying it. The first bad batch was 6285…just got the new ones delivered today and that’s batch 6509. I am so disappointed because I do feel really good when I am doing Huel, but I am worried about what’s causing this taste…if it could be something dangerous because it is so chemically/plasticy.


Skipped my subscribed delivery due next week on the strength of this… I’ve two bags in hand which would mean i’dnot open new ones until after replacement window. Not happening


I can’t say I’m particularly happy that they’re saying that every bag is rigorously tested and that “because they’re all natural ingredients there’s some variation in taste”

It’s obviously not rigorously tested, or they wouldn’t have sent bags out tasting like this AND… “Some variation in taste”?? No. This isn’t variation in taste. Natural ingredients don’t taste like melted plasticine FFS! LOL!


I have 8 bags I have yet to try I hope they are ok… might open one tomorrow to check


Just for the records, tonight I started a new Huel batch (#6614) and it’s good as the one before. No changes in flavour and nice as always.

So no quality issues here. :slight_smile:


Today I just compared a bag from April from a friend (batch 5472) with my replacement (batch 6623) and there was definitely no such taste and it was way milder…

I just canceled my subscription and will wait for 1-2 months or if there are any news of the cause, since I find it too difficult and also concerning to move on like that… :cry:

But big thanks to the customer support until now, they are an outstanding help!

@danosavi I saw that you did your first order in the mid/end of may, is that correct? My first problem started with batch 6243 from the end of may. What batch did you have?


My first batch was 5689. New batch is 6614. Absolutely no problems with taste. I didn’t compare them at the same time, of course, slight variations of the taste are normal in every food, but definitely no bad taste or such issues. Great as usual.


@danosavi Okay, that seems really to be strange than, since it appears not to be a consistent problem with the batches. I tested 6243, 6533 and 6623 parallel and 6533 was far the worst. Well, I’ll keep distance at first, for me it doesn’t work out that way.

Slight varioations are of course normal, but in the past 1 ½ years I’ve never encountered something like that, which concerns me…

Glad at least, that you don’t seem to have such problems!


I’ve just had another batch delivered. 6626. I’m still getting the plastic taste, but it seems to be a lot milder than before. I can stomach it this time. So I think whatever was causing it is being slowly filtered out…


Received my first order last week. Tried my first one yesterday and had to throw it away - the taste was unbearable. I’ve got 3 bags sitting in my cupboard now :pensive: Will follow the above steps and contact Huel for some direction. Concerning to hear such committed customers saying they’re cancelling subscriptions :weary: Was really hoping Huel would be for me, but maybe not…


It must be something related to a small quantity, or maybe to an error in storage during the delivery. I don’t know how many bags are made per batch, but I guess that If all those batches were completely compromised, Huel would be submerged by returns and complaints (maybe they are, hope not :smiley: ). That said, hope you will be back normal soon, I’m happy not to have the problem (or maybe not to notice it). :slight_smile:


So even though the taste in my new batch is milder, it is very much still there and bothersome. I don’t understand how some people haven’t had any issues yet I’ve had three bad batches in a row…What flavours were all of yours? Mine is unsweetened and gluten free. Maybe all of ours were gluten free or something? Considering just ordering My Protein’s “Whole Fuel” which is basically a rip off (contains more sugar and they don’t have an unsweetened gluten free version) but it might have to do for now until Huel resolves this… :frowning:


@TimOfficialHuel any news on this?


I’ve just drank my new batch again at home after blending properly - and can confirm the bad taste is very much still there. Yesterday at work I thought this new batch was slightly better, but I just hadn’t mixed it properly/ it was more watery. I’m officially giving up and ordering My Protein’s version.


I was refunded for my first batch (2 bags), and the other 4 I had sent out as replacements (for free). So I think you should be able to get a refund. I honestly have no idea why this is happening. I’ve just ordered Whole Fuel in chocolate flavour, £10.71 for a 1kg bag.