Odd taste?


Wonder what has happened with Huel ?
A recent issue with taste seems to have caused lots of people to switch to a competitor !!
I’m assuming the Huel team are doing loads to sort this issue, and normal service will hopefully be resumed ASAP
However if this continues … the bad taste (and feeling) May put off a lot of its customers …
Come on Tim … what is happening ?
And where is the ‘vile’ taste coming from ??


I would assume there is no one in the office over the weekend, and so there won’t be any official reply til Monday. I’ve got 8 bags and 2 boxes of bars on the way. Have all my fingers and toes crossed. Seems likely it’s something to do with storage in transit during this heat wave, but let’s see what the word from the top is.


Bars seem fine to me.
Also, granola shipped with last order is also good - I think this only affects the powder (?)


They refund you the cost of sending the bags back too, as long as you have proof of shipping. Whereabouts are you guys based in the UK and are yours delivered by DPD local too? Wondering if it could be a particular area that isn’t storing them properly…I’m in South East UK


I’m in Sweden, my Huel ships from Germany.
Delivered by UPS
By proof you make the receipt you get when you pay?


Just got a delivery of 4 bags today. Taste the same to me so I am happy!


Batch number?


Gluten free new vanilla 6413


I had one batch in the 4000-range that was fine 6620 is bad. It’s very strange, as it seems random, even within batches.


I agree with someone earlier. Could be the heat and how it is getting stored in transit. Think someone said that the bags would need to be in an oven before they become a problem. It is that warm at moment in the UK that delivery vans may get to that temperature. I left my car in a field last week for 6 hours. When I came back to it the temperature was 38 in the vehicle.


I suppose it’s possible. I do wonder what happens chemically though. And more importantly how to prevent it in the first place. Sending all shipments in a cooled foodtruck seems unrealistic. But heat is hard to avoid during this time of year :confused:


This heat is not normal! I am sweating just sitting here watching tv!


I found this. Far right being how hot a car gets in the sun when x temp outside (left)


So hot then!


Yes indeed
So, if this is the reason the only solution I can think of is changing packaging from plastic, I dont know what would be better. Maybe Mylar?


Or better awareness of delivery drivers. Assuming this is the problem, as mine are fine it implies that some drivers vans may get hotter than others. At the moment all we know it is a few people complaining about this on this forum. No mention of the problem on Facebook or Twitter which makes it look like most people are not having a problem. Not saying there is not a problem, but seems to be a very small percentage.

Got to go as watching last episode of Jessica Jones…! Enjoy your evening!


The UK is indeed hot, but that can’t be the reason given problematic bags, at least Squizzle’s, are shipped from Germany.


I believe Huel sent from Germany is still manafactured in the UK - at least it says so on the bags


Ah then totally my mistake - I still don’t think it’s heat in the vans though as Mylar is heat-resistant.


Iirc the ref to bags / oven was effectively saying for the plastic that bag is made of, to interact with and impact on the food within it, you’d need to heat the bag to oven temp. What temp the powder would change at could be quite different i guess