Something strange has happened to my huel?

I’ve been using huel every morning for the past week and the texture has been very good. No lumps or graininess at all (I’ve been using a blender) But this morning it was really grainy and I almost couldn’t finish it. I made up some more for tomorrow morning, tried it and it’s still grainy. I’m confused, I’m preparing it in exactly the same way. Has my huel gone off? was it a bad batch? has anyone else experienced this?

I’m using the gluten-free vanilla version.

Same pouch?

Yeah same pouch

No ideas pal sorry.

The only explanation I can think of is somehow the larger particulates sank to the bottom of the pouch? So you’ve been consuming the finer milled bits and have a higher ratio of larger bits than usual now? I find chilling it improves the texture and makes it less grainy, worth a try if you don’t already do it. Then with your next pouch, give the pouch a shake.

What else could cause changes within the same pouch? Wetness perhaps?

Hi there, thank you for raising this comment, could you do me a favour and let me know the batch number? This is usually a 4 digit number printed on the packaging (not label), on the back, bottom right. This will help us investigate whether there is anything in our knowledge as to why this could be.

Thank you so much and sorry to hear your Huel wasn’t great this time.

That is a possibility, the powder almost feels damp before I put it in the shaker. It’s weird because I triple check the bag is resealed airtight. Not sure what’s wrong with it thanks anyway (:

My batch number is 3323. I’ll be opening the second bag soon, I’ll store it in a different place, could be moisture getting into the bag

Thank you for that, I’ve forwarded this thread and all the information to our manufacturing team to investigate. I’ll be in touch.