Huel versions, batches and history

After looking at a few posts and searching through the Huel website it seems that there is no single place to track Huel versions and changes. Someone please correct me if I’ve missed it :slight_smile:

There is the ‘Huel Updates’ category on this forum which is great but a nice summary page for those posts would be great for quick reference.

I like the fact that Huel has versions but I wonder if they would consider taking this a step further and issuing release version history updated whenever anything has changed and having this on the website in an easy to find location.

For example:

Huel Vanilla

Version: 2.1
Batch: xxxx --> Current
Date: 1/11/2016
Headline: No sodium fluoride
Release notes: link to forum release post

Version: 2.0.1
Batch: 2491 --> Current
Date: x/09/2016
Headline: Reduced Salt to 3.3g per 2000 kcal. 0.7g per 100g
Release Notes:

Version: 2.0
Batch: xxxx --> 2490
Date: xx/06/2016
Headline: Huel version 2.0 is now live!
Release Notes:

Repeat the above for each type of Huel power and bar and it makes it all a bit easier for everyone to know what they are getting.

There will always be change and there will always be people that like and dislike these changes. I’m just suggesting that it would be great to have a place to record/see any changes. I also took the liberty of introducing a second version number division with v2.0.1 as this was a release but without a number officially.

With complete transparency from Huel this would also help people understand if they think there has been changes. Posts like:

Recent order way too thick

Vanilla seems to taste different

There is also this post about version numbering
Version Numbering

In summary I’d like to see a document like this for clarity. It probably wouldn’t affect me much day to day but if the next bag I open seems different it would be good to know why.

I’d be interested in other peoples views on this as similar posts and comments seem to come up now and then on the forum.


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Hey @Chr15murray!

You can see something like what you’re looking for here:

The bars aren’t on the page yet, but I will work on getting them on shortly.

Thanks @Gulliver_Huel

I thought it must exist, i just coudn’t find it.