Huel v1.1 or 1.2 on order

Hey all!

I ordered Huel unflavoured roughly 2 weeks ago and now it’s nearly finished (I use it around 2x a day). The package I received has Huel 1.1 written on the bag, but when I go online and look on nutrition I notice that it now says Huel 1.2? Is this a recent update or was I sent old stock?

If I order will I receive Huel v1.2??

Also - if there’s been an update to Huel v 1.2 what’s the difference? What’s been added/taken away/improved?

Hey Cocobean,

You haven’t received an old batch I’m glad to say. Basically, the change between v1.1 and v1.2 only applies to the vanilla version, as the only change was the the amount of sweetener used.

Which means that the unflavoured version hasn’t been changed at all, so it is still v1.1. We are changing the labels shortly to v1.2. to be consistent with the labeling. Nothing will have changed with the unflavoured version, it’s just to make it more simple and avoid confusion.

Cheers for the timely reply Gulliver! It’s good to hear!

I asked because on the nutritional information page it has ‘Huel Vanilla v1.2’ and then under this it has’ Huel Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel v1.2’

This was a mistake from me I believe. I updated them recently and must have changed them both by accident. Sorry for the confusion.