Huel 1.2 Feedback

Another shipment of Huel arrived today and it’s version 1.2!

I understood that for 1.1 the sweetness was getting reduced, but this time I really noticed it. Without a flavour pack I’m quite missing the original taste :confused:

Is there a page with a changelog for version updates?

Where can we get info on the different versions, and will we be able to choose which one we get?

@sanovine, yes good idea I was only thinking this myself the other day. I’m on the case.

Just so you know there 1.1 (less sweet version) and 1.2 are identical. We changed the amount of sweetness and flavour in 1.1 and so decided the rename that version 1.2 rather than calling it the less sweet version of version 1.1

As we move to a new version the old one is replaced so you won’t be able to order difference versions.

Oh so effectivly it’s gone from version 1, to 1.1, to 1.1 less sweet version? I cann see why you wanted to rename that to 1.2 to save confusion.

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Did you remove the sucralose?

I think he means between 1.1 and 1.1 less sweet they just reduced the sweetness (so yes less sucralose) and have just renamed version 1.1 less sweet and called it 1.2 to save confusion rather than actually changing anything. So same product as 1.1 less sweet, easier to differentiate name.

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yes that is correct - we went from version 1, to 1.1, to 1.1 less sweet version, so renamed it 1.2

How can I tell which 1.1 I received? Its not very sweet, but is there something on the packaging that indicates which 1.1 it is for certain?

You can tell if it the less sweet version by looking at the calories per 100g, if it’s 410 its the less sweet version and 402 is the sweeter version.