Huel Version 1.1 (or 2)

I saw from one of the other threads that you were going to make a change to the recipe and alter the sweetener. Do you know yet when the new version will be available and are there other things you are going to modify?

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Hi David,

Great question, we have a few things planned. Some are minor tweaks, and some new exciting product lines.

It’s a little too early to give you all the details on everything but three things I can confirm are:

  1. Tweak to current formula which will effect the nutritional profile. This is very minor and basically to do with the source of ingredients rather than a proper formula change, but it does effect the nutritional profile a bit.
  2. A version of V1.0 of Huel but with the flavour and sweetener removed will be launched
  3. Flavour pouches - in the next few week we will launch 4 flavours which you can add to Huel. These will also include stevia as the sweetener.
  4. One other exciting development - what this space.




Thanks @Julian

I was thinking, would it be possible to have a thread exclusively for new features, announcements and timelines - I dont know if it can be ‘stickied’ or if thats even the best place - just so its all in one place

I didn’t realise that 2. was to address the flavour alongside the sweetener, but I guess that 3. negates this

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@Gary_Dufley Great idea. I will do that.

On top of a non flavoured version of Huel we will also addressing the sweetener in the main Huel version, but that will take a little longer.

ah ok, I wasn’t sure f it was another variety or a replacement