Huel announcements

Hi Hueler,

This is a thread about new developments. We have some minor and major developments in the pipeline, here is a taste of what is to come:

  • Tweak to current formula which will effect the nutritional profile. This is very minor and basically to do with the source of ingredients rather than a proper formula change, but it does effect the nutritional profile a bit. This is might be called v1.1 but its very minor so maybe not.
  • An unflavoured and unsweetened version of Huel v1.0
  • Flavour pouches - in the next few weeks we will launch 4 flavours which you can add to Huel. These will also include stevia as the sweetener.
  • We are working on the next version of Huel - there will be some tweaks to the formula, reduce the sweetness a bit and start to use a natural sweetener, plus a few other tweaks.
  • One other exciting development - what this space.

All sounds like great news. I for one, applaud your developments and attention to consumer’s ideas!


YES! Come on with the unsweetened, it’s the only thing holding me back from 100% Huel, 24/7!! :smiley:

Just to warn you. The unsweetened and unflavoured version will taste pretty “bad”, if you have ever tried natural vegan protein powder you will know what I need. Both rice and pea have a real earthy chalky taste that is very hard to consume.

I think you will need to sweeten it, what is your plan?

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Hi Julian,

Thanks for the heads-up, firstly let me say that I have been comparing Huel to MANA as that is the only other food substitute that I’ve tested for an entire month’s run (I only had 1 week of Soylent), and checking back on the ingredients list of MANA I see they do intact also use Sucralose - I hadn’t noticed this before as for some reason I couldn’t taste it in MANA - that may have something to do with the Maltodextrin?
Anyway I personally prefer an earthy flavour, though are you saying that the unsweetened version of Huel, being also unflavoured, will not have the vanilla extract in? That’s a shame as I love vanilla, it’s just the overall sweetness I find difficult.
To be honest I’d try the new version as-is to begin with as I do have quite a tolerance for savoury/unsweetened, though if I find it difficult I’ll probably get some vanilla oil and mix it in - or try coffee or chilli, like I’m doing with the sweetened version currently.
It’s all a learning curve! Will be sure to post results. :slight_smile:


Hi Iain, Thanks for the extra info.

…just had another thought, could use Agave Nectar, it’s sweet like syrup but is 100% pure organic sap from the Agave plant. Works well as a natural sweetener for any number of things and is of course Vegan so probably a winner! Still going to try it raw first of course, I’m quietly optimistic. :slight_smile:

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Ooohh! What are the four flavours, and what size are the pouches? :+1:

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We did a fair amount of testing and the winners were, Mocha, Strawberry, Toffee, plus Rhubarb and Custard. All the favours are sweetened with Stevia.

The pouch size will be 150g. You will need about 2g per 100g of Huel.


They sound great @Julian. I’d definitely try (at least) a couple of them.

Not sure about the Mocha one (if it has a coffee flavour?) but the other three sound good. Surprised there’s no banana flavour. I’d have thought that would be popular?

Any prices for them?


We did try banana but unfortunately it wasn’t popular in the testing. We can try a different supplier, same for chocolate it didn’t make the cut.

Yes mocha is coffee and chocolate, in the last week or two it’s been my fav.

Price is still being calculated.


That’s OK @Julian - I’ll definitely try strawberry, and maybe R&C.

Will there be sample packs? I’m on the fence with this Mocha. :smile:

@ronnietucker The flavour pouches will 150g so pretty small, so there won’t be sample pouches as well.

I use about 2g which is half a teaspoon per 100g of Huel.

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  1. When will the unsweetened version be released?
  2. How much sucralose does the current version contain?


  1. We’re talking tops a couple of weeks.

  2. Less than 0.25g per 100g; which we’re reducing to less than 0.15g in the next batch

What about some raw organic honey to sweeten?

That would alter the nutritional profile pretty redically, no? The reason for using artificial sweeteners is to maintain the macronutrient balance and prevent insulin spikes, adding any kind of simple sugar is gonna mess with that.

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I agree, plus that would make it not vegan.
Still reckon agave syrup would be the best choice, it’s 100% natural plant sap, with an extremely low glycemic index.
Personally I’m looking forward to the neutral unsweetened flavour! Bring it on!

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I might be totally wrong here (Agave nectar is one of those New World things that never really caught on in Europe, like quinoa) but isn’t agave syrup mostly fructose?

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