Taste change

The new version of Huel has a bit of a rank taste right? Huel has always been so delicious, but no one here has mentioned that it now tastes gross.
Am I going mad, or have other people found this

I’ve noticed a difference in taste, but I don’t mind it at all. Strangely, for me, I’m tasting/smelling exactly the same floral tones that I noticed when I first tried U/U Huel over a year ago, which soon disappeared shortly after I posted this. I had assumed that I just got used to the flavour and simply no longer noticed it - now I’m not so sure!

Incidentally, when I first originally tried vanilla Huel, the first couple of meals weren’t at all good as I really noticed what I guess was the pea protein. I totally got used to that within days with a little tweaking of ratios. The sweetness of vanilla ended up being much more of an issue for me (hence I switched to U/U)

I think on top of that I am picking up the taste of one of the newer ingredients, maybe lycopene(?), but it’s not really too noticeable if flavour powder is added. I’m still slowly adjusting the quantity of water/powder as the texture is a little more gloopy than before, but I do like it. I think given a week or two I’ll be totally used to the change. :slight_smile:

Yes absolutely. I was finishing up my last bag of vanilla V1.2, and the next day I went on to taste the vanilla 2.1. I don’t know what it is I can taste, but it was present in the old version, but not as distinguishable.

Whether or not I’ll get used to it I don’t know. Right now the Huel experience is more of a eat-your-vegetables kind of experience rather than the old not-delicous, not-bad.

Thanks for reassuring me of my sanity! Still can’t get over the taste but glad they still stock the older version.

Totally agree with you there is defiantly something different and agree - I think 2.0 was much nicer taste wise.

It’s very odd!