Started with new version, then had the “original”: my 2 cents

So, a few months ago I started Huel with the new vanilla taste. I liked it but I read on the forums that many people were in favor of the old version so I decided to add the original one in my next order to compare the tastes.
Next order was put months after the first one so I had a bit forgotten about the taste of “new” Huel.

Well, I didn’t dislike the old vanilla at first. It just felt “ok”. But also I found it extremely sweet. The other issue was that I had to put a very big amount of flavor booster to start tasting the flavors. Half a teaspoon did almost nothing in a 500ml shaker. It was just more sweetener.

Now that I finished my original bag, I just got back to the new and improved and holy shit, this feels so much better! It actually tastes vanilla and it finally feels less sweetened. I also added some matcha flavor and the taste is strong now. So much better to me :slight_smile:


Great to hear that you’ve got it cracked, Mike! We’ve all got different taste buds and that’s why we’ve continued to sell both Original and our New & Improved version (as well as Unflavoured of course). So pleased you’re loving your Huel!