So Original Flavour is just Vanilla?

Last night I opened a new bag of Huel “Original” that I ordered at the beginning of Sept and thought how it tasted identical to the Vanilla flavour.

Having my second serving today I glance at the ingredients and what would you know, it IS vanilla!

It’s also extremely sweet and basically just tastes like sugar water. Don’t think I’ll be buying it again.

I think original tastes nothing like the other vanilla they do.

And of course original original was vanilla based too.

Perhaps I’m missing something, I’ve never tried the original Original so I can’t compare how it used taste.

Are the two supposed to taste different? I have an unopened bag of Vanilla from the same order, I’ll open it tomorrow and do a side-by-side taste test.

Has there been a mistake and the first batch of v3.0 Original were actually filled with Vanilla?

Original is vanilla. They made a new vanilla and called it Vanilla and planned to retire Original, but there was an outcry from @Coup and his very many sockpuppet accounts, so they made Original again with the 3.0 formula. But it is vanilla and is supposed to be vanilla.

I think it’s an oversight that they don’t use the word vanilla at all on the store page description. It just says “A natural, oaty taste” when it should say “A natural, oaty taste of vanilla”. If I ordered both, not realising that Original is vanilla, I’d be confused too.

They taste very similar to me, but not identical.


Thanks David, that makes sense. I think the product description is misleading as I was honestly expecting something more neutral tasting, perhaps with hints of weetabix/porridge type flavours.

I don’t want to try UU because the description of that gives me flashbacks to that time I bought unflavored whey protein powder.

I always do U/U, give it a go, its like oats. Also is perfect to make mix with other flavours.

For example I think is much better to have a vainilla huel with 80% UU and 20% vainilla. Is much more natural.

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It’s basically called Original because it’s the first and only flavour Huel launched with. Then they changed the formula and added more vanilla and the entitled masses were outraged so they kept the original formula and also added a vanilla flavour with more vanilla – kind of like a Coke/New Coke scenario but without the catastrophic backlash.

In terms of food flavourings – the word Original is mostly used for this purpose – to imply the flavour first used. It is a mistake to think this will always mean plain/neutral or even mildly vanilla, even though vanilla is one of the most commonly used flavourings in food and drink. If Huel had launched with a chocolate flavour then that would be Original too and there’d be also a ‘new’ chocolate. But that’s a whole different can of (whining) worms.

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I buy both. Vanilla light (original) mixes better with many of the flavor boosts. Full on Vanilla is good with coffee and the pumpkin spice flavor.

Hey, just to follow up on this. I took your suggestion and purchased some U/U, it’s better than I expected and quite nice on its own. When mixed with the other flavours it does mellow them out a lot. Thanks.