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I have a regular subscription for 6 bags of original vanilla which I’ve been drinking now for over a year and a half (I love it btw!)

The other day I received a targeted email survey asking along the lines of why I liked this flavour and wasn’t ordering the other ones. I had a suspicion when the New Vanilla flavour arrived on the scene that Original’s days might be numbered, however I now fear that, based on this email, me and my beloved Huel Original might be parting company for good.

I have tried a few of the other flavours (Berry, New Vanilla and U/U), all of which I really didn’t like. Did anybody else receive this email? Am I the last remaining person who hasn’t ‘moved on’ to the other flavours yet? Or (more than likely) am I reading too much into this??

Hoping someone can set my mind at ease :slight_smile:



I got it too. I said “PLEASE don’t discontinue Original!!!”

I don’t like the New Improved or Berry or Coffee (haven’t tried Mint Choc but I don’t fancy it). I buy Unflavoured and mix it 50/50 with Original as I do find Original a bit too sweet, but the mix is perfect.

Surely enough people like Original that they don’t have to stop doing it? I hope so.



If enough people like original vanilla I’m sure they will keep it. I like to have a variety of flavours, myself, so I chop and change. This survey seemed to assume I was only buying Original, which is not the case.



I hope so too @Africorn!

Hopefully just some market research and I’m getting worried for no reason :slight_smile:



James Collier said this back in November:

I’ve been buying original since v1.1 (or 1.2) and I’m not so keen on the new vanilla so if original were to go it would be a big blow to me.



Good find @Coup! That’s put my mind at ease.

For simplicity I guess the New Vanilla should be rebranded ‘Vanilla’ and Original Vanilla just ‘Original’ (although I’m sure this is the direction they’re going to take)



It has been called that for some time now, Jake.



If they get rid of original vanilla I will have to sit in a darkened room and weep slowly :cry::wink:



I didn’t get the email but original vanilla is also one of my favourites.
I dislike Vanilla.
Hate Berry.
Love Original (with UU and flavour boosts)
Love UU
Love Mint Choc
Not tried coffee

Original works way better with the flavour boosts.
The vanilla’s toffee flavour is too strong for me personally and I would never switch over to new vanilla even if they discontinued original (which I hope they never do)



I also got the email.

I tried a couple of bags of new vanilla when it was first released but just didn’t care for the flavour - I found it more like toffee than vanilla and that the flavour overpowered the flavour boosts that I enjoy.
I have tried the pre-mix flavours but I like a strong flavour so do not find the berry, coffee or mint-chocolate strong enough for me so I prefer to mix the flavour boosts with the original vanilla to my own liking.

If the original was discontinued then possibly I could retry the unflavoured (which I didn’t care for) or retry the new vanilla and experiment more to see if I can find a flavour balance that I like but it would definitely be an adjustment that I would prefer not to make.



Oops! I’m always a bit behind the times :flushed:






I’m not sure what I’d do if original was discontinued @Roy_Moore, I really don’t think I could get the hang of the other flavours!

I had high hopes for Berry, but I found it even worse than the new vanilla :disappointed:



I tried New Vanilla with the flavour boosts, but for me it really didn’t work. Tried adding chocolate to the berry as I thought it might be a good mixture but still couldn’t take more than a couple of sips :slightly_frowning_face:



Maybe a petition is needed on keeping original or we could meet up outside Huel headquarters in our yellow hi vis vests and protest outside :smile::smile:



LOL I’m sure there will be a good enough response to the recent survey to keep Original on the menu :grin:



Didn’t receive an email about this yet, but don’t want to lose the Original :sunglasses:
Really love that one and got pretty hooked on it from the first sip.
Had the same with Berry and Coffee, Mint/Choc is also nice. :slight_smile:

Original is still the favorite and as many like either Original ór New Vanilla, I’m not sure
I should be trying the latter.



It basically tastes like the original with toffee flavour boost added. If you like the toffee fs you might like vanilla. Vanilla is okish on its own but doesn’t really work with any flavours in my opinion.



I do have the Toffee FlavDrops, but don’t use it a lot and when I do not too generous.
Might order New Vanilla 1 bag to try, but likely stick to the Original (as long as possible).

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Original has made up a large part of my nutrition since July 2016 so if it was discontinued it would be a real shame. I’ve tried the others but for me original is the best. I have shakes in the evening with fruit normally pineapple chunks or peach slices and find original goes best with these. So I hope original stays.