Unpopular opinion - original flavour is really nice

Yes, i said it. I have no idea why people hate on this. Mild, neutral slightly sweet flavour that’s good enough on its own, also it’s nice canvas for customising.


I don’t know what the general opinion on Original is currently, all I know is I’m never touching it since the horrendous failure that is version 3.0. If you’re relatively new and never tasted the wonders of 2.3, I envy you for not having loved and lost. Unfortunately they ruined an amazing product.

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I’ve been buying the original flavour exclusively since I started with Huel in 2016. I liked the pre v3 taste but I also like this taste too, probably more if I’m honest. Add some cacao powder to it :ok_hand:

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Yeah. I’m a fan of it too.

Original is one of my favourites, I love it. It’s a great breakfast, and I love it with a bit of cinnamon added.

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Nah people don’t hate on v3.0, but as @Zamot says v2.3 was popular. I haven’t had v3.0 Original in a while actually, but it’s great the some of you are enjoying it despite having had v2.3

You do you @Elizabeta! What are you customising your Orig with?

I like it too always have. Been having Salted Caramel and Chocolate lately but will order some Original in my next order this week.need a change

I like Original, but find it a bit too sweet. And adding a flavour powder? Noooooope. I bought the mix pack but haven’t been able to face half of them… I’ll chick them in a cake or something.

50:50 Original and UU is perfect for me.

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50:50 is an awesome way to go! Unflavoured is so helpful for this! Welcome to the forum too, great to have you here and loving your Huel mix!

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ok, o will try adding cinnamon :slight_smile:

to me salted caramel didn’t work out, i will be gifting bag to my brother, he liked it.
on the other hand i tried banana today and i am delighted.

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This is honestly such sad news. Salted Caramel is my fave!
(please don’t read through all my posts and call me out if I’ve said other flavours are my favourite I am very indecisive :laughing:)

Banana is great. It still blows my mind how similar the team made it taste to blended banana. Honestly so good!

I completely agree with you! Original is so GOOD!

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