Original Flavour Huel is Back!

Hey all, some exciting news that we’ve been teasing you with for a while. We have just released our v3.0 Original Huel flavour. We’ve spent a long time trying to match the flavour of v2.3 Original but with natural flavours - which has been tough and was on of the main reasons why Original didn’t launch with v3.0.

But Original is now back, but with a v3.0 glow-up. Same nutrition as v3.0 (no kelp) but with the familiar oaty taste.

Let us know what you think!


Great News! was always my favourite flavour.

Yay! I’ve grown so accustomed to vanilla now but original was always my preference :grin:

Genuinely curious about trying to make some savoury products actually :thinking:

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After being a bit grumpy with you due to delivery issues, this is the best news you could give. Can’t wait to try this.

My favourite too, but I am old school. Nice.

Original flavour contains sweetener doesn’t it?

yep sucralose

I dont even remember now the difference between original vainilla and new vainilla

Indeed. So I don’t see how savoury stuff could be made.

How do you quote people, by the way?

Like this.

Copy the bit you want to quote and it will show quote. Click and it will paste into your post.

I think they meant as an alternative to sweetened Huel, like mentioned in the Huel soup thread below. If that is Huel soup, I expect it to be savoury not sweet. At least one other Complete Food manufacturer makes savoury products.

OK cheers.

Is the other manufacturer UK based?

Yah what he said lol.

Hey, one of my spot on recipes that most love is beef cheek with liquorice and the rest tends to be deeply standard roast - usually fondant potatoes, creamed spinach (which cinnamon), asparagus and shallots with an aromatic gravy.

Not all of those ingredients are “savoury” in the traditional sense so a small amount of sweetness will not hurt if you’re looking to concoct some flavours. :slightly_smiling_face:

If there’s one thing vegan meal replacement users love, it’s beef cheek! Nom nom.

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Omg yes finally!!! I’m so happy it’s back! Nothing beats original!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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I was excited when I saw this! I liked Original.

Hope you like it guys! It’s great to have it back.


My 1st order of version 3 will ship on Friday, looking forward to tasting it.

Always used original - tried new vanilla but did not like that at all. Tasted coffee and berry but neither were strongly flavoured for me.

Original all the way - hopeful for V3!

Guys can someone explain me what’s the difference between original, vanilla and no aroma? Mostly original and no aroma.

@Tim_Huel I think you should place a tooltip to explain this near to “original” otherwise only old fans will understand :laughing:

Vainilla is technically “better” with less sucralose, but there is a beef with the flavour that even I dont understand. I use Vainilla just as a flavour boost sometimes, I cant stand the sweetness by its own without UU.

@Tim_Huel Could you make a little recap on why there is still so many problems between Original and Vainilla? Which are the other differences, beside the sucralose proportions?

U/U Hueligans reading users argue about Original vs Vainilla: