Huel v2.3 Launched: improved vitamins and minerals plus New & Improved Vanilla Flavour!

Huel powder v2.3 is now released and is available to buy in both regular and Gluten-Free varieties.

The v2.3 formula improvements are:

  • Now includes plant-based vitamin D3
  • Increased folate content
  • More potassium
  • Even greater amount of additional choline
  • Further improved omega-3:6 fatty acid ratio

As well as the above, we’ve also improved the Vanilla flavour using a new natural vanilla. However, as many of you have enjoyed the original Huel vanilla flavour, don’t worry as you can still buy this flavour with the new v2.3 formula but we’ve re-named this ‘Original’. Unflavoured & Unsweetened is available with the new formula too.

You can read full details about the v2.3 version improvements here and you can view the labels here.


I’m yet to be unhappy with a recipe change, so I’ll be going all in on the new flavour with my next order… but thank you for giving the option of sticking with the original :slight_smile:


I ordered two pouches a few days before xmas. It’s arriving tomorrow… Will this be the new one?



Hi Chris - you’ll be receiving v2.2. We updated the wesbite info around 11am yesterday (Wednesday), so it’s from that point people will be sent v2.3

Just thanks for the continued investment in HUEL!

Cant wait to try new vanilla. Just gotta get through these two new bags of 2.2…

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@JamesCollier Is the texture between the new variations exactly the across the new versions, or is is there a difference between “original” and “vanilla” in viscosity? :slight_smile:

They are of similar viscosity and texture.

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Is the new 2.3 version A or B we tried on the open day?



It was B :slight_smile:

Such a positive response if Huel lovers love it, then others will too!


Thanks James, I have just ordered some v2.3 looking forward to trying it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, ordered/subscribed the “new” vanilla version, excited to see how its changed!

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Is it exactly the same as B or modified since we tested it then?

Almost exactly the same - minor tweak to recalibrate the recipe on nutritionals.


I don’t see any mention on the U.S. site – when will 2.3 appear there?

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The US formula is different and we have a different version numbering there. Some of the European v2.3 changes are already in the current US v1.0 formula like the potassium and choline levels - this is due to higher RDAs there.

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Woooo can’t wait to get me some of that sweet new vanilla action! FYI the new vanilla is sweeter than the original, for anyone who isn’t into that sort of thing. I would encourage you to try it though, you might surprise yourself!

Apologies in advance if an obvious answer.
Will my subscription of 2.2 vanilla automatically update to 2.3 new vanilla? Or do I need to manually change it?

No problem if I do need to do it manually just wanted to check before changing it!
Happy hueling!

From what I read in the email you’ll be upgraded to 2.3 but to the “original” flavour, not the new “vanilla” version. :slight_smile:

I just cancelled and re-did mine because I wanted the newer flavour!

You’ll be updated automatically to Original, but you can change your subscription to New Vanilla if you want to try it


I have just made up 75g of new 2.3 vanilla and 75g of 2.2 vanilla each in the Breville Active blender bottle.

  • The first thing I noticed was the lack of smell in the new 2.3 packet, I had to check the label to make sure I had not opened a packet of UU. 2.2 vanilla has a strong vanilla smell to it, 2.3 does not.
  • 2.3 is smoother and thinner in consistency
  • 2.2 tastes much sweeter than 2.3
  • 2.2 has a very distinctive vanilla taste, 2.3 tastes less vanilla more light toffee.

I like both and will probably order 50/50 of each next month.