Huel Original Flavour


I just found out that the Huel Original flavour is being removed (see image below)… I think this is a real shame, I have been using it for years and the new Vanilla flavour I find pretty disgusting, its just way too sweet. I know they say they’re releasing a new version but I imagine it will be 99% identical to the current Vanilla.

Phoebe needs a refresher.


I use Original as well, so was upset to read something similar on the other thread, but then it was stated that Original will be staying as 2.3 (it’s not getting upgraded to 3.0).


@Tim_Huel said Original will still be sold in the v2.3 formula so somebody has their wires crossed somewhere.

In the other thread Julian said all flavours of v2.3 will be sold, until they run out of stock. So “you can buy original v2.3 after v3 launches” is definitely true, it just might not be true for long.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case. It’d be more surprising that they intend to keep an obsolete production process running for a single, niche product.

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Julian also said that if there is an influx of orders for v2.3 after the launch of v3 and around the time v2.3 runs out of stock, they may consider another production run.
So it looks like they may temporarily keep both versions going. Probably only for a very short period of time though.
I have no idea what to order.
I have plenty v2.3 to last me a while but I’d like to try v3 to see if it suits me.
If it doesn’t suit me i would want to stock up on v2.3 but by then it may be too late…


Time for another title edit, adding “fake news” or something.

Ok, great to hear original will still be available however its still unclear if this will only be for a limited time. At least its better than nothing.

It’s definitely for a limited time unless demand changes.

In the V3 thread @Tim_Huel mentioned that 2.3 original order volumes are fairly low and @Julian specifically says it’ll be on sale whilst stock lasts, and only if they see significant volumes of orders will they consider making more.

It made sense for Original flavour to stay alongside new Vanilla for v2.3 but it’s obsolete once the v3 goes on sale - on the one hand 2.3 is clearly a lesser product for Huel without the updates made in v3, and on the other it’s a different recipe and would mean a separate production process.

Julian mentioning a ‘Huel outlet’ was interesting, it almost sounds like original will be available through a secondary store, perhaps selling short runs or excess products.

Stocks may be still available via Amazon too.

This is what Tim said:

I know what Julian said about the outlet store selling the remaining stock of 2.3 but I think you’ve assumed from that the original being sold is only the old stock leftover. I think it’s best to wait for Tim to clarify.

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Yes we do have some v2.3 Original flavour left which will continued to sent out to subscription customers. I’m just waiting for numbers to see if it can also be put on the Huel Outlet page for one-time purchases.

We are currently working with a flavour house to match our Original flavour with a natural version. I’m tasting three versions next week and if one passes we launch a v3.0 Original flavour in a few months time.


Why can’t it be flavoured the same way as the old one? Do the new ingredients change the taste profile enough that the old flavour enhancers don’t work anymore? Or is because of a push to flavour the powder with natural flavours?

I’m even more confused now (not that it always takes much). So Original will only be available for a limited time and not alongside 3.0? More like a discontinuation while stocks last? I’m just wondering whether to bring my subs order forward from mid-January, but could do without the extra expense this month :thinking:

I think they’ve confused us all.
Everyone has told us something different so far.

First we are told Original is going to continue to be available alongside v3, but staying at v2.3 and the old price.
Then they say it will be available in the outlet store, with all the other flavours, until stock runs out.
Now they’re saying it’ll only be sent out to existing subscribers and possibly not available for one time purchases even in the outlet store, and certainly not alongside v3.
And then after all that they announce they are planning to bring out an original v3 !

So it looks like a v2.3 will not be available (?) moving forwards for anyone with an allergy to shellfish, or anyone who needs to omit yeast from their diet.

Clarity from the beginning would’ve been more helpful. All these different messages are very confusing.


I think we are getting some mixed messages from Huel which isn’t cool.

First they announced the new version
then they said they’d till continue to sell a v.2.3 original (which seemed to be ongoing)
then they said they wouldn’t be selling it.
then they said they’s sell while stocks last or may make more if consumer demand
then they said they are trying to flavour match original v.2.3 to v3

This announcement has been more mixed up than Huel powder in my Vitamix for 20 minutes


Damn it, I thought you were writing a limerick.


That’s fair. Best listen to what Julian is saying. Sorry for any crossed wires.


Not to worry, here’s a limerick for @Wendy_Shepherd

There was a young man who tried Huel
He wanted to lose weight and look cool
Yet it gave him bad gas
Mass explosions from the ass
And tasted like 3 day old gruel*

*Not really it was delicious



Seriously, I rely on this stuff. I’ve tried the others and I can’t bring myself to even chug them down but the Original has changed my life for years. I need this shit. Fo shizzle.