Huel v2.3 Launched: improved vitamins and minerals plus New & Improved Vanilla Flavour!

Looks good. Will huel professional be getting the taste upgrade in the future?

Has anybody else tried 2.3?

I’ve got a bag of 2.3 I’m planning on opening tomorrow, so I’ll give an update :slight_smile:

Edit: I got curious and made it up now here’s my opinion.

  • New Vanilla is Best Vanilla
  • The bag definitely has less of a smell
  • The texture is more or less the same, but it’s definitely more silky.
  • 2.3 is sweeter, but not in a bad way.
  • I LIKE IT.
  • I could do with a vanilla flavour pouch. Still waiting on that angel delight feeling because I’m basic. (Slight nudge in the direction of @Tim_Huel)

Yes, Professional v2.3 will be following soon

I find 2.3 has a more natural sweetness, and more creaminess, with a big improvement over the slightly chemical aftertaste of 2.2.
This means the flavour holds up better to being mixed with water alone; I usually mixed 2.2 with 50/50 water & SS milk.

Big thumbs up from me.


That’s interesting as I always mix my Huel with a 50/50 water and plant milk solution…

I might try that. Any plant in particular…?

I never use soya milk (I mean I do use soya milk, but not in Huel); in Huel I use hemp, cos that is creamy, oat although Huel is mainly oat, or almond. Occasionally rice.

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Thanks. I’ll give almond a go.
Why don’t you mix with soya milk? Is the taste not good?

No…its funny but i like soya milk in tea and occasionally coffee but never liked it in smoothies or Huel. I used to have it in porridge though. Guess just spoiled by the amount of choice.

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One of the main problems I had with earlier versions of vanilla Huel was the lumpiness, especially when I had over 500 calories in the shaker. Could anybody please comment on the consistency of the new version?

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Same here… I have to make it with hot water and then let it cool because the lumps are enormous

Since the updated version of 2.2 the lumps have gone :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never had any real problems with any version of Huel with regards to lumps and ive used them all apart from the new one…and i use a shaker not a blender. There were occasionally small lumps with some versions…but i liked them…i prefer small lumps to totally smooth.


Never been an issue for me with any iteration of Huel.

I’ve always used a blender though and the let it sit overnight - just seems to work best (Most recently I’ve been using a nutritional ninja

To go against the grain, but I’ve found the new formulation really inferior and disappointing.

Was unaware they’d changed the recipe, so got a real shock (the difference is huge) when I had it, tired it again to make sure it wasn’t the unexpectedness which tainted by opinion.

The flavour is awful now. - It tastes really artificial. Someone above said toffee, but I get more that fake strawberry taste. If you keep drinking it, it becomes less obnoxious, but that’s not something I want from my food.

It’s a lot thinner. - I know they thinned it only a few months ago (which I didn’t like at first but came to appreciate for the less lumps), but it’s too watery now. I feel it’s less filling now, but haven’t used enough to be sure of this.

On the plus side, less lumps (because it’s thinner).

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Hi there, sorry to hear you aren’t liking the New & Improved. I’m concerned though, because looking at your order history you ordered v2.3 Original - which is the same flavour system as before but just with the micronutrient improvements. Could you please let me know whether you have in fact received New & Improved? (it has a big blue sticker on the front)

Thank you!

What a surprise this v2.3 was for me!

I just did my normal order of Huel and wasn’t even investigating if something has changed. I noticed something was off with the consistency of the powder and just carried on. But then I started drinking it… it felt like eating ice cream! :smiley:

This is a good move! The thing I noticed while I was in the US: people need familiar taste to start using it. No one wanted to eat my non-cacao soylent and people were repelled by the idea of “drinking food”. Once I started sharing cacao though… There was a 30% adoption rate.


He’s not alone. :frowning: I joined the forum because I had to come and check if there was a problem with the formula because it tasted ‘off’ - I just opened a new bag of “New and Improved” and after 3 days of drinking sickly toffee, I hate it. The new base masks the flavour packs as everything tastes of toffee now. I hate it.

But was really loving my Huel , twice a day. Looks like I’m going to have to stomach 2 bags of 2.3 before I reorder… One for the Americans I think

I’m located in the UK and new to Huel. I recently received my first order and I opted for v2.3. Before placing my first order I had read an awful lot of feedback regarding the flavour. I was originally tempted to buy 1 bag of the original and 1 of the new v2.3 but just went for the v2.3 and I’m glad I did.

It is sweet but I don’t find it sickly or overly sweet. I do have a sweet tooth though. I think it’s got an oaty taste but I can see where some users say it’s got a bit of a toffee taste rather than a vanilla taste. I like it. I use a blender to mix so it was lovely and smooth with just that slight oaty grittiness but definitely no lumps.

For those UK Huelers who have tried the original and the new version, would you say the original is more of a vanilla base flavour and would you say the original does not have such a sweet aftertaste? Would like to know your opinions as may try a bag of each with my next order.


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