Huel v2.3 Launched: improved vitamins and minerals plus New & Improved Vanilla Flavour!

My 2.3 arrived yesterday, I too had to check the pack when I opened it as it didn’t smell how it usually does. I made my first shake as I usually do with coconut milk and berries and quickly found all I needed was to add water to it! Its amazing, I really like it :smiley:

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For those UK Huelers who have tried the original and the new version, would you say the original is more of a vanilla base flavour and would you say the original does not have such a sweet aftertaste?

That’s EXACTLY my experience.

First impressions of new and improved are… It’s delicious. Definitely not as neutral as before but very pleasant to drink. Will be interesting to see how the new taste interacts with the flavour packs.

There is a new aftertaste I’m not sure of, or the very edge of one I can almost taste. Can’t put my finger on what it is though.

Well this is promising news. What ratios were you using?

We have now finished our first bag of new vanilla 2.3. And we will be sticking with 2.3 original. I can not get away from the synthetic toffee taste, it also does not go as well with the flavour boosts banana, strawberry and matcha our favourites.

Please continue to stock 2.3 original.

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Hi tend to mix 150g Huel with 400ml water and it’s noticeably thinner in texture. I’m used to a McDonald’s shake consistency with the previous version, this is nowhere near that. Surprised I prefer it tbh.

Personally I don’t think I’ll order original again, this new flavour mixes far better with the flavour boosts as far as I’m concerned… gives them a deliciously sweet edge that’s lacking in the original. All in all it tastes far more indulgent which is something I really appreciate. I even love it without any flavour boosts and I couldn’t say the same about the original flavour. Huel just keeps getting better for me.

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I do 3 scoops and just fill the Huel container with cold water. Not sure the ratio as the water partly fills area with the powder.

Which has more sucralose in, 2.3 original or 2.3 ‘new vanilla’ ?

Hey Tim,

It’s got the big blue sticker on it. I assumed it was just the changed version from back in September(?) when it was made to be less thin.

Well colour me intrigued. I have been on the Original flavour since I started wayyyy back in Sept 2016. I’ve had a dalliance with gluten free (my sisters left overs) and after a year of not having to buy my own huel looks like I’m back.
With what everyones said about “too sweet” I’ve gone for one bag of the new stuff and then two of the original.

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It is much sweeter, I find I just don’t add anything but water to the new one and its perfect :smiley:

There is less sucralose in New Vanilla


Hey there, that’s not ideal and I’m really sorry about that. I’ve arranged for a new order to be sent out. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @Markdonnan - sorry you don’t like it. We do still have Huel Original - contact Customer Service and they can swap an unopened bag

New Huel user here for a week, been using Vanilla v2.3 and just tried a friend’s older v2.1 Vanilla flavor. Much prefer the new version (no aftertaste, less sickly sweet was my first impressions) although I can see how the older flavor is more reminiscent of vanillas I’ve had in some ice creams.

Tried them with just water and then also with my usual coffee, I’ll be sticking with the v2.3

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My order for 2.3 is being delivered tomorrow, I’m rather excited! 8 bags, so I better like it :smile:

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Out of interest, will V2.3 be added to Myfitnesspal? Feel like this is a question for @Tim_Huel :slight_smile:

We actually don’t add the Huel formulas to MFP, I think anyone can do this!

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Another UK Hueler here and another vote for the new recipe (well 2 votes, one from me and one from my daughter who has it for breakfast and after sport). I found the old version was quite gritty and didn’t blend as well, it would form clumps with the ice I added. The new version is much smoother and has a lovely taste. I still like adding coffee to mine though for a lovely iced coffee :slight_smile: