New Huel v 2.3 is absolutely vile!

I have been using Huel v2.2 vanilla for about 6 months and absolutely love it. The vanilla v 2.2 has a lovely subtle vanilla / oaty taste and I really look forward to my shakes. As such I was excited when I heard that the formula was to be ‘new and approved’. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth! Version 2.3 has, IMHO, the most disgusting overly sweet synthetic taste with an after taste that ligers for literally hours. Does anybody honestly believe this is an improvement?! Please say v2.2 will not be phased out. If it is I will, with great regret, have to look for other options :frowning:

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I think this is very subjective. I haven’t tried the new improved taste yet, but some people say it tastes much better (honestly I don’t like the original vanilla taste). By the way, you can always return your unopened Huel boxes for a refund if you hate the new taste so much.

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Shame you don’t like it, I think it’s the best huel so far. I’ll never order original again. It’s a million times more suited to the flavour boosts as well I think.

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I like it, vanilla flavour is much better.

Joe, they now sell Original v2.3 Huel, which should be similar to v2.2 Vanilla. Have you tried this?

I’m guessing you bought the new v2.3 Vanilla which is sweeter than v2.2 Vanilla.

Really sorry you don’t like the New & Improved Huel. We knew that it would appeal to many but some people would still prefer our Original Vanilla, which is exactly why you can still purchase the old flavour you know and love from our website - so that everyone wins! In general the feedback for New & Improved has been phenomenal.

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I preferred v 2.2 vanilla as well but I use the gluten free version and don’t think there is an original v 2.3 gluten free. I wouldn’t say the new version is vile, I think it’s ok though.

I just tried my first huel today - I have new vanilla. Mixed it in a blender at the advised water /powder ratio. I didn’t like the taste. I found it chalky, almost gritty and it left me with a dry mouth & a not so great after taste that I was unable to get rid of for the entire day, no matter what else I ate! I managed to drink it all, (over the course of 2 hours!) and it was slightly better refrigerated, but I am not looking forward to having it again! (tried the toffee flavour - couldn’t tell any real difference.)

I really like the concept, and love what you are trying to do. I really want to continue to see if it will help with some health problems I struggle with. I wasn’t expecting it to taste good, (hopefully I’ll get used to it) but I’m particularly disappointed with the chalkiness, dry mouth & never ending after taste. I’m just wondering if the original vanilla is any better in these areas I’ve found problematic??

All Huel in the UK is now v2.3 (apart from Huel Professional). We sell New & Improved Vanilla, Original Vanilla (the same Vanilla used in v2.2) and Unflavoured - of which there are gluten-free varieties.

Sorry to hear your first experience with Huel wasn’t great and that you didn’t find the New & Improved tasty. Try refrigerating it overnight, try adding instant coffee granules, our other Flavour Boosts you might find better - mocha is a real crowd pleaser! If you can get your hands on some Unflavoured then you could add this 50:50.

Here are a few useful videos that might help:
Finding your favourite
Top 10 Tricks and Tips

Hope this helps.

It took me a long time to get used to v2.2 (And I’m still working through two bags of v2.2 Revision 1). So I am really enjoying it, but that certainly wasn’t the case for the first few weeks after enjoying v2.1.

And the same can be said of when I started HUEL.

Thumbs up to HUEL for giving us more choice (New/Improved or Original Vanilla).

Give it time and Im sure one of the v2.3 blends will be your next favorite!



Is there any evidence that it takes your gut/brain a few weeks or a few meals to associate the benefits of a new HUEL blend (or any food) with its flavour?

A new HUEL blend is going to have nothing going for it until your body works out it’s doing you good.

I dunno… Gut biome - brain link… thing… science thing. Innit?


Interesting question and I have come across this before in my pre-Huel days.

Well, there’s none with Huel. However, there is certainly links between what you might crave and what certain foods supply nutritionally. There is also an hypothesis that this can be ‘conditioned’ not just as a child, but in adult, so your theory might have some truth.

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Thanks for the reassurance. I tried it today refrigerated for 3 hours, chocolate flavour boost & 4 ice cubes & found it much more tolerable! Still found it powdery, but much better after taste - not as intrusive!

Thank goodness for the flavour sample pouches! I think I’ll get used to it & be able to stick with it if I order more chocolate flavour.

I only started Huel a couple of days ago so cannot compare the new version to the old formula. However I find the v2.3 fine. Tastes like watery porridge to me. Not amazing but certainly not vile. I guess it shows we all have different tastes!

I (like others) have received what I thought was my regular purchase and found it tastes completely different and to me nowhere near as nice. Perhaps I missed it but could there have been some warning during the purchasing process to point out that this would now be a different taste. As someone who has been using huel for some time I am left disappointed.

This has never happened through several changes. Even changes without a change in the version number. You just get what the current version happens to be.

I will order some original gluten free next time and see if I prefer it now I have the taste of the new version.

Received some original version 2.3 today and made some up and some of the new version and compared them. I definitely preferred the original version to be honest it was much nicer and thicker, but doesn’t seem as thick as version 2.2 from what I can remember, I remember thinking it was like porridge at the time. I will be sticking with the original though.

I had a break between 2.2 and 2.3 but can’t say I notice a difference!

myself and my wife are also going to have to unfortunately join the side of those who are having difficulty with the new flavour/texture of both original and new and improved.

2.2 (gf) we were no longer able to eat without flavour, whereas we both really enjoyed the standard vanilla flavour.
2.3 original similar (gf) problem but more pronounced, bearable with flavour packs
2.3 new and improved (gf) - i’m actually going to have to return the 7 unopened bags, a first for me and I’ve been eating huel 3 times a day for over 2 years.

we mix with a breville thing so no lumping issues for a long long time, never had much of a problem even back when I was hand mixing

might finally make me try UU I suppose, anything to escape this new flavour.