When Did the Flavour of "Original" Powder Change?

I’ve been away from Huel for a while, but decided to try it again, and tried the “Original” powder.

I remember the original “Original” powder (in 2015), and the first few updates to it. I liked that flavour.

This version does not taste like that. It tastes more like the Vanilla flavour which was later introduced, and which I did not like. It’s actually left me wondering whether some bags of Vanilla have been mislabled as “Original”.

Of course, taste is subjective, and there may be customers who like it. But for me, this is disgusting. I can barely stand to drink it.

No. It did change a few years ago and original now is not as good as original original. Can’t remember when it happened but at least 2 years ago.

yeah it was 2021 I think - during the pandemic time blur :slight_smile:

for me it was the increased sweetness that was masking the oaty taste but probably down to other factors in the 3.1 formulation too, I found that mixing it with some U/U brought it closer to the Original/Original - can’t remember the breakdown - maybe a third of the mix being U/U?

It was done because Huel moved all their flavours across the board to be based from natural sources and this is as close as they could get to the original original with using natural sources. It is quite different to original original, now it is quite malty and oaty IMO. It was quite a shock at first but I prefer it to original original.

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I’ve been experimenting with a variety of meal replacement products, so I might try mixing it with one of the others I have.

What about adding sweetener to unflavoured/unsweetened? Or some flavor drops? That way you could also choose the sweetener (as some seem to critical of sucralose here).

We made the changes quite a while ago, you can find all the deets on the change - What changes are we making to Huel Powder v3.0?

Would you say that this has been a recent change for you or have you been a come-and-go user of Huel? By that I mean did you used to use Huel and have now come back?

@Mark_Huel I used to be a regular user of Huel and have been experimenting with it again after a break.

@mbs That is a great idea! :+1:

If you want to chew something another option would be adding so called “chunky flavours”. Haven’t tried it, though. Just got this recommendation from friends who use these things and like it.

Blimey. You are still alive then. I remember you from early days of the forum

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This is super interesting!

What seems to work for you?

Yeah, I think I first tried Huel in August 2015 after searching Google for UK Soylent and finding an ad from Huel. By then, I’d already been playing around with my own DIY version a bit. I was a solid Huel customer for a while (one of the biggest fans at the beginning, and even tested an early prototype of a solid Huel product that never ended up being released). After a few years, I decided to move away from Huel and try my own DIY version, which I experimented with a lot for several years. But I felt like I never quite got it right, and I got tired of always having to make it from scratch myself.

So, recently I’ve been experimenting with various products. Mana, Jimmy Joy, Feed, Jake, Saturo, Abnormal, YFood, Rootana. My favourite powder so far has been Mana. My favourite bars are PlennyBars. But I suspect I might react to the soy in those two products, which is why I’m trying Huel again.

I rather like Salted Caramel powder. Cinamon Swirl is not bad, but I think it needs more salt. Also, both are a bit too sweet. So on my next order I’ll probably try U&U and use my own flavour drops which I have left over from when I was doing my DIY version.

I remember when Huel was just Julian, James and Gulliver.

Jheeze you’ve been with us for a long time, that’s awesome!

Some of our Complete Nutrition Bar flavours contain soy (Dark Chocolate & Raspberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownie), and the remaining flavours may contain soy through cross-contamination.

That is madness, we are a lot bigger now :sweat_smile: