Huel Original?

I usually buy Black Edition and about to place a new order. I was checking the White powder and noticed for the first time Huel Original flavour. It’s not UU it’s not Vanilla… What is it?


Good question! Basically it is a flavour of Huel which tries to replicate the flavour of an older version of Huel we had pre-2019. One that many here knew and loved.

In 2019 we released v3.0 Huel. Prior to this we had a version of v2.3 Huel was known as Vanilla. Due to the flavours used it had a very oaty, sweet taste.

I might be getting my timelines slightly jumbled, but as part of v3.0, we moved to a new flavour house and started using all natural flavours. Doing the same to Original (moving to all natural flavours) would have changed the taste of Original. We released v3.0 and kept v2.3 Original running until we could work further on a v3.0 Original - all the benefits and changes of v3.0 but with the same (or as near as) flavour.

August 2020 we released a v3.0 Original - that is what this option is!

It’s a flavour that is more “oaty” than the vanilla flavour - and reminds me of Ready Brek, the radioactive oat-based breakfast food when I was a kid. I don’t think the new version quite captures the original original taste but I do like it.

If you want a smooth, malty-oaty flavour which is nice on it’s own or perfect to add your own flavour to then original is the one. Vanilla and the rest of the flavoured range have a distinctive flavour profile of their own which is great if that is the flavour you want, but if you want to add things like cacao powder yourself then original is the way to go.

Hmm, intriguing. I MIGHT give it a try to get the taste. I’ll just
I think I must have tried it in the past and it would be interesting to give it a try :slight_smile:

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Original is one of my favourites, especially for breakfast. It’s like sweet porridge/overnight oats.

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What benefits are those compared to 2.3?

Subjective. My taste buds says it’s nowhere near 2.3.

SInce you haven’t tried the amazing miracle that was V2.3 (RIP) you might actually like it. To me it just tastes like water with a hint of Huel in comparison.

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Oh my god, you’re the Original Guy!

When I first started using Huel I lurked on the forum for a while before joining. I followed your epic battle for original v2.3, the tragedy, the betrayal. I feel starstruck to see you here in the present. Do you appear any time original flavour is mentioned because I love that.

I have to ask, do you still use huel and if yes what flavour do you use? Can you explain what was so special about v2.3, because I love 3.0 but every time I drink it I’m like, “that Original Guy knows there’s something better than this.” and I feel like my life is missing something.


There were two of us so you may be referring to the other Original Guy who was much more aggressive than me regarding the matter. I’m not a frequent poster so I think my latest postings have only been when I’ve had an excuse to whine about it. This time, I think I’m done… maybe.
I use Black Edition, all flavours and add variations of flavdrops because I like it more sweet.
To me, new Original is basically the same but with significantly less taste. That “oaty” taste in the description is very vague compared to 2.3. Then again, so much time has passed since I compared the two that I might actually like it now.
Still trying to wrap my head around what makes “all natural” so much better.


Honestly when I lurked through that Original drama I was thinking “how do people get so passionate about just a flavour, it hardly matters” Then a year down the line I found myself messaging a friend who doesn’t even use huel like “listen, I think they’ve changed vanilla RTD, I’m about to blow this case wide open, I can’t believe Tim has done this to me it’s the ultimate betrayal.”

If I ever find an old Original 2.3 on eBay, even if it’s 50 years down the line and the powder has mummified, I’ll buy it for you.


the changes and benefits are all detailed here.

for me - the flavour profile is the same but the taste is significantly sweeter and I think that overpowers the oaty flavour. I basically mixed it with UU to get closer to how I remembered 2.3 but didn’t have the opportunity to do a direct side by side comparison.

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