Huel 'original'

I’ve recently finished my last order of huel v2.2 and am now on v2.3. However, I find v2.3 horrible compared to 2.2. Am I right in saying you can still order v2.2 under the name ‘original’ on the website as the description is the original huel flavour as opposed to the ‘new and improved’?

I’m just finding the website slightly confusing as everything seems to come under v2.3. If the ‘original’ is not v2.2, are there any other ways to order 2.2? What instead would this ‘original’ taste like? Any help is appreciated

Thank you

Yep. That’s right, and Huel are keeping the original flavour available for as long as there’s demand.

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You cannot order v2.2 any longer but you can order the original vanilla flavour instead of the new and improved flavour.


Thanks for the clarification