Original flavour

I am pretty devastated to note that the inevitable removal of the original V2.3 from the website has taken place. As I currently have this on my subscription, are Huel still continuing to send remainder of the stock of the old original flavour to existing subscribers or do we now have to switch this with an alternative flavour? Any guidance from team Huel appreciate.

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+1 completely agree the previous version was so much nicer. I’ve been ordering Huel since 2016 and have cancelled my subscription. Such a shame they have changed it in this way. It used to be such a good product.

Hi there, we’re still looking at the possibility of matching the Original flavour but with natural flavourings, in line with v3.0.

Subscriptions of Original are still being fulfilled if you had one, but it was removed from the site with v3.0, and removed from our Outlet page in March.


Thanks- are you guys going to let us know when the point comes where we need to alter our subscriptions to remove original?

This is the sort of thing we would communicate via email for you yes!