Cinnamon Swirl Price

Yes just noticed this! I jumped in straight away and ordered 2 bags of Black C… payed £62 … didn’t even think about it costing £4 more… 2 bags received today , first impressions - very subtle taste and virtually no cinnamon aroma when opening the bag.

Very cheeky upping the price with no explanation why… won’t be rushing to buy any more…

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Makes no sense … surely then the unflavoured unsweetened versions should be cheaper ??


Thats the way I see it, genuinly thought it was a glitch. I think they are going to do this every time a new flavour is announced, ad enough paying so much extra for the same product, yet alone having to pay extra for a new flavour.


Hey guys, sorry for the confusion. The Cinnamon Swirl does cost slightly more than the rest of the powder flavours. It’s simply a more expensive flavouring.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, all the flavourings cost slightly different amounts. There isn’t just one price for all flavours ever. The other flavourings are similarly priced enough to sell at the same price, cinnamon was an exception where we had to start it at this slightly higher price. It’s not a price increase, the other flavours are all the same as they were, this is a new product which costs a different amount to other things on our site.

It’s not to do with how premium the flavours are perceived, just how much each flavour costs to make.

Sorry this has shocked a few of you, it is a delicious flavour but you can always stick with OG classic of Vanilla+cinnamon powder :slight_smile: It’s not quite the same, it won’t have the buttery flavour of Huel but it’s still delicious as ever!

I’m very disappointed to hear this. How could the price differential not have been mentioned in the initial announcement? It was left for us to discover by ourselves, with understandable confusion.

Was it a deliberate decision, not to mention the higher price? Or an oversight by someone?

I’m disappointed because a large part of the appeal of Huel as a brand is the openness and generosity of the company’s communication with its customers. This new flavour launch has been discouraging, sorry to say.


I’ve replied to your similar comment in this thread :+1:

Here are examples of recent launch posts, none I have included the price unless it auto-previewed in a link (which I can’t prevent)

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Not very impressed that after putting up the prices hugely new flavours are coming out more expensive….

The previous price increase and the cost of ingredients for new flavours are different subjects. If Huel released a Saffron flavour would it have to be the same price as the current flavours?

If people will only accept every flavour costing the same the choice of future flavours will be limited to ingredients which all cost the same.


Seems Huel loves to take its customers for fools. Two bags of Cinnamon Swirl are £4.44 more expensive than other flavours, so this is £2.22 per bag extra on top of whatever the cost of other “cheaper” flavours is.

A spice bottle (40g) of ground cinnamon is £0.85 at Tesco (Tesco brand) or £1.65 for a premium brand (which is even on special, 2 for £2.65).

This includes the bottle, the label, bottling, supermarket costs, etc., plus the profit, so how much is the wholesale price, a third of that, less?

And I doubt that anywhere near a bottle would go as flavouring in a bag of powder (based on how long a bottle lasts even with my generous additions to banana Huel) or that it would even be the quality of ground cinnamon. The only thing listed in the ingredients is “Natural Flavourings”.

But I am ready to be educated as to what these expensive flavourings are, why they are so much more expensive than other flavourings, and why they are so much more expensive than even cinnamon itself.

All this after a significant and very recent price increase.

well you get what you pay for and, according to Tesco’s own customers, what you are getting is definitely not cinnamon…

the premium brand on the Tesco store also uses much cheaper cassia bark instead of good cinnamon, the manufacturers product page describes it as premium Indonesian cinnamon but in the actual ingredients section it clearly states its just cassia - on the same website they also have actual cinnamon which is 3 times the price (by weight) of their ground one.

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I KNEW that would happen. Flavor is “subtle” means weak. Too light and you can’t smell it. That’s how you know it ain’t that great. Dam. :sob:

Ive not tried it yet but heard not as strong as salter caramel, there is no way this should be £2 when it is simply natural flavourings! They need to get the price down, its already £7 more for 2 bags!!


• cassia is the cinnamon most people know as cinnamon, it even has a stronger flavour than what you call “good” cinnamon; just because it’s more expensive it doesn’t make it better (apart from its scientific name :sweat_smile:), it’s different (please let’s leave any taste profile debates aside at least until Huel confirms what flavouring they use)
• the bulk wholesale prices should be a fraction of retail
• a small amount sufficient to flavour a bag of Huel
• the increase is on top of whatever the cost of flavouring is for other flavours, so the flavouring cost is not only £2.22 per bag
• there is no indication of what are the flavourings actually used, if there is any ground cinnamon of any kind or rather some cinnamon extract/essence/etc.

cassia and cinnamon while related are not the same. cassia is a darker, stronger but also more bitter flavour and has a coarser texture.

Cassia is usually used in savoury recipes because of this.The bulk of ground cinnamon sold is as you say cassia that has been coloured or flavoured in an attempt to make it more like cinnamon. Almost all cinnamon found in supermarkets is the cassia variety. Cassia also contains the toxin coumarin which is known to cause kidney, liver and lung damage. Cinnamon only has very low trace amounts of that. 1-2 teaspoons of cassia a day would take you over a safe limit of consumption.


If you buy flavour drops then it’s the same price for every flavour of a product, that means also for cinnamon swirl, cinnamon bun etc.

I guess the price increase is due to the fact, that developing new products and flavours does mean additional costs for a company and needs financial investment. Employees who develop these products want a salary. To sell it one has to promote it via social networks, which means more marketing costs. I completely understand the price increase and find it justified from that perspective.

It seems that Huel’s new focus is on better and more flavours, not better products, a better formula, more antioxidants etc. That disappoints me to be honest, as I don’t really see the need for new products - only better products. But that is my personal opinion and not relevant in this context. What is important is what the majority of all customers prefers and thinks.

Perhaps it helps you to know that even the “old” products are more expensive in Germany than the new flavour in the UK. This is a much more annoying fact, which has increasingly made me buy from other, similar companies in the last time. But anyway, most of them have regular price increases, especially if they develop new products, which almost every single one of them has done recently; this seems to be the new trend, and what the market wants.

I like the idea of new flavours however paying extra for a flavour is bad, ive not tried the new cinnamon one yet but from what people say its not as strong as the salted caramel and that costs less, if this is the way its going to be i am out, we have just had an incredible £7 increase but it would be £11 if i bought two bags of this cinnamon one, i was happy enough to let the prices go up as everything does but this is just absolutely taking the piss, its a flavour, a flavour.

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I don’t really understand all the fuzz about the higher price. If you don’t think it is worth it then just stick to the other flavors or even another brand. I doubt that the prices will lower based on complaints here. If anything they will lower if the sales seems to go down as an effect of the higher prices.

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Even if it was a case of making new flavour prices higher for a month or something whilst its new then lowering it to the regular cost, i could accept that.

I haven’t had SC so cant compare but the strength of flavour in Cinnamon Swirl is about the same strength as when I use a flavour boost. normally when I make two shakes together I add a tablespoon of boost so thats a little more than double what they suggest - if that helps.

one of favourite drinks was Vanilla Black Edition with Gingerbread FB and Fudge Brownie Protein. using that amount of FB you could still taste it through the chocolate. I tried the same drink but with CS black edition and the FB protein and got the same flavour strength result.

I wonder if some people confuse sweetness with flavour strength, I like Original v3 but I wouldn’t say it has a particularly intense flavour but is very sweet - so I normally tone it down with UU. Cinnamon Swirl isn’t overly sweet and I can drink it fine as is without using UU to cut the sweetness.

I tried all the v2 RTD and Salted Caramel was the most disappointing - it was sweet but only a very mild aftertaste of the caramel whereas the CInnamon Swirl and Iced Coffee flavours had a very good strength of flavour which was really the opposite of what I had expected beforehand.