NEW FLAVOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! v3.0 & Black Edition - Cinnamon Swirl 🍬

You Hueligans are in for a treat because this is nothing less than a delicious breakfast treat!

Today we are launching a new flavour. :candy: Cinnamon Swirl :candy: It’s a lightly spiced cinnamon flavour we know so many of you will love.

And, we are launching this in our v3.0 and Black Edition, so no matter which side you’re on you can enjoy it!

Here’s a recap of what you can expect :point_down:

:white_check_mark: 100% complete nutrition - contains all 26 essential vitamins, minerals and more
:muscle: High-protein meal
:candy: Low sugar
:herb: Additional pro- and prebiotics
:earth_africa: All suitable for vegans!

We are quickly rolling this out across all our stores but if you can’t see it yet don’t worry, you will be able to order it by the end of the day! :technologist: :shopping_cart:

Any questions (or just general excited comments!) write them below!


well, if it’s got the same taste profile as the RTD, it will be a winner :slight_smile:

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please let it taste like cinnamon RTD!

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Oh no my new order literally arrived today …

Will have to wait till next time now :cry:

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Mmm-mm-mm …looking forward to it! .

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As spanish I am curious of this flavour I think I might get it. I cant get the thing with british people and cinnamon.

But probably my next UU Huel will have cinnamon as a homemade test

I wouldn’t say its a British thing - cinnamon is used in many cultures cooking around the world and cinnamon buns/swirls/rolls are a Swedish invention I think ( ? ) but are very popular all over Northern Europe, USA and Asia.

BE version ordered so looking forward to trying it out at some point in the near future…


It is really good!

So typical! There are always a few. Sorry about that but don’t worry it’s not going anywhere :blush:

I promise it won’t be as good as this, but it will be nice! Surprised you haven’t tried before, such a long term Hueligan Adrián!

Anticipation of its arrival forced me to get some cinnamon swirls and coffee delivered when I got home from the office. Ludicrously tenuous excuse I know – razor thin – but I’m sticking with it :smiley:


The Swiss love cinnamon too! I just ordered a BE bag :yum::grinning:.

Black Salted Caramel is my default flavor but this might become a new default! A must try with my next order. :grinning:

Another price increase? :cry:

Is this one also safe for people with histamine intolerance/mast cell problems? (Interested in Black mainly)

Hi @Abby

As with other Huel Powders, Cinnamon Swirl in v3 and Black Ed are both low histamine. I can’t comment on mast cell problems without more specific info including the medical background of the condition and medication.

Thanks @JamesCollier

I wish I had more info, but it’s Long Covid so it’s all pretty vague. A lot of us are on a low-histamine diet and anti-histamines as all of our symptoms worsen otherwise. Some papers refer to it as MCAS but who knows if it’s actually that… Huel Black has been my go-to safe food.

The reason I was asking is because on a lot of websites they say cinnamon is bad for people with these conditions. But so are chocolate and strawberries, and I’m fine with those shakes.

I’ll add some bags to my next order and see what it does.

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Cool - hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:

More expensive “for some reason”… won’t be ordering again… black edition very subtle flavour anyway… tastes like white edition vanilla with gingerbread flavour boost added.

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Cinnamon Swirl is a little more expensive than the rest of our flavours. This isn’t a price increase, all our other flavours are the same, it’s just Cinnamon Swirl costs more to make. It is delish though!

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Tim, I think it might have been helpful had this fact been made known in the new flavour announcement