Cinnamon swirl powder-my new number 1

I thought nothing could beat salted caramel…

Until cinnamon swirl came along, wow so creamy …amazing…

Very impressed

Welldone huel


This is so awesome to hear, welcome back to the forum Damien! Love to hear this, Salted Caramel takes some beating!!

What’s your 3rd favourite?

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So tempted now!

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I had Cinnamon Swirl for the first time this morning. It was absolutely delicious (as I expected) but it had a pinch of heat from the cinnamon which I wasn’t expecting. I’d say it was more Chai Latte than Cinnamon Danish, but it was still really good. Tomorrow I will try 50:50 Cinnamon Swirl and Salted Caramel. I think this will be my dream Huel shake!


The cinnamon taste is too strong for me. That’s why I mix 2 scoops vanilla and 1 scoop cinnamon to finish the pouch I ordered, but I won’t be ordering cinnamon swirl again, it’s not my thing.

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Well I just had it for dinner and must say it’s AMAZING! Not too strong, not too sweet neither, a lovely smell and great flavour. Along salted caramel are my 2 go-to 3.0, soon will try BE strawberry & cream and perhaps those 3 will be my fix line up. Great work here Huel!


Up to now my daily routine was (if I’m on a 100%-huel-day):
1 scoop of white chocolate and 1 scoop of white coffee for breakfast
2 scoops of white berry or black strawberries & cream for lunch
2 scoops of white or black banana or 2 scoops of salted caramel

But now I just opened the cinnamon swirl and :drum::drum::drum: I love it, love it, love it :rofl:. Damn! Now I have to choose again and all the convenience of not having to choose is gone :rage: :weary: :rofl:


:laughing: Oh no! haha I only ever have 2 flavours open, usually one of them is vanilla and the other a more flavoured Huel. Then I can always pimp my vanilla if I fancy a change from the flavoured one!

I do the same Tim. I open two packets at a time so I have some variety and don’t have too many on the go. I do the same with H&S, only two at a time

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So I finally tried Cinnamon Swirl and I’m not as excited as others. It’s ok and it’s not one I’d order again

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Fair play, thanks for sharing. Hopefully the next one will be more up your street!

I’ve been mixing it with Vanilla and finding it tastes better. I think the cinnamon swirl on it’s own is too sweet for me.

I mix it with UU and that tastes fine. Not tried with vanilla but I normally have vanilla with UU so guess may be too sweet that way as well.

I would have used UU and I don’t have any. Vanilla works fine although I might order a bag of UU next time

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